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1 having opinions
2 forming and changing opinions
3 saying what you think
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1 having opinions
- what you think about sb/sth: opinion (noun C/u), idea, thought, view
What's your opinion of the new chairman? a wide range of opinions She has her own ideas about how to deal with violence against women. Can you give us your thoughts on the subject? I've never made any secret of my views on the matter.
- what people in general think: opinion (noun U)
Public opinion is against the new legislation.
- to have an opinion about sth: think*/feel* sth (about sb/sth), think*/feel* (that), (formal) be of the opinion that ※€¦
What do you think about the idea? I felt that he made the wrong decision. Most people are of the opinion that he should resign.
- to have an opinion about sth (because of your own experience): find* ※€¦
I find him rather rude. She finds his films rather boring.
- a strong opinion: belief; to hold a strong belief: believe (that) ※€¦
a strong belief in private enterprise
※ more on belief TRUE
- the way you think and feel about sb/sth: attitude (to/towards sb/sth)
He has a rather careless attitude towards his schoolwork.
- the way that sb looks at a particular situation: point of view, position
He's always supported that point of view. The Prime Minister made his position very clear.
- a person's way of looking at life, etc: outlook (on sth)
an optimistic outlook on life
- an opinion that you cannot explain exactly: feeling, impression
The general feeling was that we should not go. I had the impression that he didn't want to take the test.
- an opinion which may not be based on real evidence: theory
She had a theory that television sets caused harmful radiation.
※ more on feelings and impressions LOOK/SEEM
- to have the same opinion as sb else: agree (with sb) (on/about sth); to have a different opinion from sb else: disagree (with sb)
For once we agree about something! I disagree with you.
- a subject which people disagree about: a matter of opinion
Of course it's a matter of opinion whether the government is doing a good job.
※ agreeing and disagreeing in a discussion DISCUSS/ARGUE
※—† good and bad opinions
- to think that sb/sth is good or acceptable: approve (of sb/sth); opposite: disapprove (of sb/sth)
Her mother doesn't approve of her new boyfriend.
- to think that sb/sth is good: have a good/high opinion of sb/sth, think* highly of sb/sth
I've always thought highly of Jane.
- to think that sb/sth is bad: have a bad/low opinion of sb/sth
- if your opinion of sth is good, you can say that you like the sound of it, it sounds like a good idea, it is a good thing
I don't like the sound of the new proposals. It would be a good thing if you apologized.
- the opinion that people in general have about sb/sth: reputation
That restaurant's got a very good reputation.
- to have a high opinion of sb/sth: respect sb/sth
- the feeling that you have when you have a very high opinion of sb/sth: respect (for sb/sth)
- showing respect for sb: respectful
respectful behaviour

2 forming and changing opinions
- to form an opinion: make* up your mind (about sth)
Should children learn foreign languages in primary school? I can't make up my mind about that.
- to reach a belief or opinion as a result of thinking about sth or studying sth: conclude that ※€¦; noun: conclusion
The jury concluded that he was not involved in the robbery. We discussed the matter at length, but unfortunately we couldn't reach a conclusion.
- having considered everything: all in all, altogether, all things considered
All in all, he seems to have done a good job. All things considered, it was a good choice.
- when first seen or considered: at first sight
At first sight it seemed like a good idea.
- to change your opinion: change your mind (about sb/sth)
I hope he changes his mind about the visit.

3 saying what you think
- if you give your opinions and do not try to hide them, you are open about them, you speak openly
I wish you would be more open with me about what you think of her.
- to say openly what your opinions are: speak* your mind
He's never afraid to speak his mind in public.
- to give different opinions: argue (with sb) (about sth); noun (C/U): argument
They're always arguing about what to do. Let's not have an argument!
※ more on arguing DISCUSS/ARGUE
- to introduce sth that is your opinion, you can say I think (that) ※€¦, I feel (that) ※€¦, in my opinion
I think we should go ahead with the plan. I feel that we should give him another chance. In my opinion, we should never have come.
- if you want to emphasize that you are giving your own opinion, you can say personally
Personally, I think he should have resigned.
- to show that you are giving your opinion openly and honestly, you can say frankly, to be honest, to be frank
Frankly, you're taking a terrible risk. To be perfectly honest, I don't think she has any chance at all.
※—† MORE ...
- if you are willing to listen to and accept other people's opinions, you are broad-minded, you have/keep* an open mind
We should keep an open mind about the matter.
- to allow other people to have different opinions from you: tolerate sth
He's prepared to tolerate a wide range of views on the issue.
- a feeling of liking or disliking of sb/sth, which is not based on reason or experience: prejudice (noun C/U); adjective: prejudiced
He has a prejudice against women drivers.
- having very strong and unreasonable opinions: bigoted
There's no point in arguing with such bigoted people.

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