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1 thinking about sth
2 what you think: ideas
3 reason: thinking in a systematic way
thinking that sth is true
thinking that sth is possible or probable POSSIBLE
thinking about the future FUTURE
intending to do sth and making plans INTEND/PLAN
good at thinking CLEVER

1 thinking about sth
- to use your mind for a purpose, for example to find an answer to a problem: think* (about sth)
Shut up! I'm trying to think. He thought hard for a moment and then left without saying anything. What are you thinking about?
- the act of thinking about sth: thought (noun U), thinking (noun U)
I need to give this problem more thought. I've been doing some serious thinking and I've finally come to a decision.
- to ask yourself a question: wonder ※€¦
I wonder what she would have done if she hadn't got the job.
- if you are quiet and serious because you are thinking about sth, you are thoughtful (adverb thoughtfully)
He was looking quite thoughtful when I came into the room.
- to say your thoughts out loud as they come into your mind: think* aloud
I'm just thinking aloud about what to do.
※—† thinking before you take a decision
- to think about a possibility: think* about sth, look at sth
We need to think very carefully about what to do next. I've been thinking about your suggestion. She agreed to look at my proposal.
- to think about sth before taking a decision: think* sth over, (informal) have a think (about sth), (more formal) consider sth
I need to go away and think it over before I agree. I'll go and have a think about what you've told me. We should consider other possibilities.
- to carefully consider all the details of a plan, idea, etc: think* sth out
If they had thought it out properly in the first place, these problems might not have arisen.
- to think carefully before deciding to do sth: think* twice (about sth)
You'd better think twice before you agree to that.
- to think about sth when you take a decision: think* of sth
There are so many things to think of before we can decide.
- to consider an extra piece of information, etc when you take a decision: take* sth into consideration, take* sth into account
The committee will certainly take the report into consideration. His views were never taken into account.
※—† thinking carefully about sth
- to think hard about a particular thing: concentrate (on sth); noun (U): concentration
You really must concentrate if you want to pass the exam.
- to think carefully and deeply about sth: reflect on sth
He's had plenty of time in prison to reflect on his past mistakes.
- to keep thinking about sth: keep* your mind on sth
She can't keep her mind on any topic for more than five minutes.
- if sth is giving you a lot to think about or is worrying you, it is on your mind
She's got a lot on her mind at the moment.
- when you are thinking about an answer or trying to remember sth, you say Let me seeLet's see
Let me see, I'm sure he said he would meet us outside the station.
※—† the result of thinking about sth
- to think about several possibilities and choose one: decide (on/against sb/sth), decide to do sth, conclude that ※€¦; what you have decided: decision
Have you decided on a pudding? The government has decided to raise the higher rate of tax. I think it was a very stupid decision that she made.
※ more on making a decision DECIDE/CHOOSE
※—† thinking again
- to think a second time about sth: think* again (about sth), reconsider sth
Please think again about John's suggestion. We shall have to reconsider our strategy.
- to change an opinion or decision: change your mind (about sb/sth)
Won't you change your mind and come for a drink with us?
- when you change your mind about sth, you can say on second thoughts, on reflection
On second thoughts, I don't think it's such a good idea.
※—† stopping people from thinking about things
- to take a person's attention away from sth: distract sb (from sth); something that distracts you: distraction
Don't distract him - he's trying to work out how much we've spent! It's difficult trying to work at home - there are too many distractions.
- to give sb sth else to think about or do when they are worried about sth: take* sb's mind off sb/sth
Talking to you has helped to take my mind off my problems.

2 what you think: ideas
- something that you think: idea (noun C/U)
I've got an idea for a new novel. My idea of perfect happiness is two weeks on a Caribbean island. I've no idea what I shall do next.
- an idea or opinion: thought
What are your thoughts on the matter?
- a picture in your mind: image
What image do you have in your mind of the Antarctic?
- to form a picture in your mind: imagine sth
Imagine that you are in London.
※ more on imagining IMAGINATION
- to create an idea in your mind: think* of sth
I tried hard to think of an answer. Think of a number; then double it.
- to think of sth for the first time: think* sth up, invent sth
Whatever will they think up next? She invented a fantastic story to account for her absence.
※ more on inventing INVENT
- to think of an idea unexpectedly: hit* on sth
He hit on the idea of everyone contributing a pound.
- when an idea comes into your mind, it occurs to you, crosses your mind
Has it ever occurred to you that I might be right?
- to give sb an idea: put* sth into sb's head/mind
Was it you who put this crazy idea of going to Australia into her head?
- when you start thinking about an idea, it enters your head/mind
It didn't enter my mind to phone Sue.

3 reason: thinking in a systematic way
- the ability to think and make sensible decisions: reason (noun U); to use this ability: reason
I've tried to make him change his mind but he just won't listen to reason. Animals lack the capacity to reason.
- the process of thinking: reasoning (noun U)
What's the reasoning behind his decision to leave?
- based on reason: rational (adverb rationally); opposite: irrational (adverb irrationally)
a rational decision to behave irrationally
- the power of the mind to think and learn: intellect (noun U); connected with the intellect: intellectual (adverb intellectually)
to develop your intellect You'll find it's not a very intellectually demanding course.
- the use of reason: logic (noun U); in a way that uses reason: logical (adverb logically); opposite: illogical (adverb illogically)
There is no logic in your argument. an illogical suggestion/reply/argument
- a person who thinks deeply about important things: thinker
- a person who is interested in ideas: intellectual
- the study of ideas and beliefs about the meaning of life: philosophy (noun U); connected with philosophy: philosophical (adverb philosophically)
- a person who has developed a set of ideas and beliefs about the meaning of life: philosopher
- a particular set of ideas and beliefs about knowledge, the meaning of life, etc: philosophy
the philosophy of Wittgenstein
- the ideas or ways of thinking which belong to a person, a group or a subject: thought (noun U)
the thought of Karl Marx modern political thought

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