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1 surfaces
2 flat or bumpy surfaces
3 smooth or rough surfaces
4 covering a surface

1 surfaces
- the outside part of sth: surface
to land on the surface of the moon a work surface in a kitchen a flat/bumpy surface a rough/smooth surface a polished/shiny surface
- any of the flat outer surfaces of an object: side
the sides of a pyramid
- the size of a surface: area
The room is about 45 square metres in area.
- something that is only on the surface is superficial
He only had superficial injuries. There were some scratches on the paintwork but they were only superficial.
※ the different sides of an object PLACE

2 flat or bumpy surfaces
- (used about the surface of sth) having no parts that are raised above the rest: flat, level, even
The countryside round here is very flat. a flat roof a flat surface a level teaspoon of sugar level ground The game must be played on an even surface.
- to make sth flat: flatten sth, (used especially about the ground) level sth
She drove the car over his ball and flattened it. The ground will need to be levelled before we can build on it.
- a surface that is not flat is uneven
uneven ground
- a part of a flat surface that is raised above the rest: bump; adjective: bumpy
There were lots of bumps in the road. The road was really bumpy.
- a sea which is not smooth can be called rough, choppy
- an outward curve on sth that is usually flat, perhaps because there is sth underneath: bulge; to form a bulge: bulge (out)
She had a huge bulge in her pocket.
- an outward curve or swelling on sth (especially on the body or on flat surfaces): lump; adjective: lumpy
He had a big lump on his forehead where he'd knocked his head. I hardly slept at all - the bed was really lumpy.

3 smooth or rough surfaces
- having an even surface with no lumps or holes: smooth; noun (U): smoothness
smooth skin a smooth lawn the smooth surface of the material the smoothness of her complexion
- smooth and nice to touch: soft
soft smooth sheets
- not smooth: rough; noun (U): roughness
rough skin/hands a rough road The material was a nice colour but it felt very rough against the skin.
- consisting of large pieces; rough: coarse
coarse cloth
- very rough and broken objects and materials, with sharp points, can be called jagged
a jagged edge jagged rocks
※—† making something smooth
- to make sth smooth: smooth sth (back, down, out, etc)
He looked in the mirror and smoothed down his hair.
- strong paper with sand on it, that is used for rubbing surfaces in order to make them smoother: sandpaper (noun U)
- to make sth smooth by rubbing sandpaper across it firmly: rub sth (down), sand sth (down)

4 covering a surface
- a thickness of material that is laid over a surface: layer
I had to remove several layers of old wallpaper.
- a thin layer of sth that covers a surface: coating
There was a coating of dust over all the furniture when we came back from our holiday.
- to put sth over a surface so that it touches it partly or completely: cover sth (with sth)
I think I'll cover this old chair with some new material.
- if a surface has sth over it which touches it partly or completely, it is covered in/with sth
The floors were covered with expensive carpets.
- something which covers a surface: cover, covering
I've bought new covers for the chairs. There was a thin covering of snow on the ground.

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