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1 doing sth
2 different kinds of action
3 doing sth with or for other people
4 the order in which things are done
5 the time when sth is done
continuing to do sth
doing sth again AGAIN

1 doing sth
- to perform an action or actions: do* sth
'What are you doing tonight?' 'I'm going to the cinema.' I wish somebody would do something about that terrible noise. I've got nothing to do.
- to do things in a particular way: behave, act; noun (U): behaviour (AmE behavior)
He was behaving very strangely. He is acting like a child. bad behaviour
- to do sth (often sth secret and perhaps sth that you should not do): be up to sth
Where are my children? - I bet they're up to something. What are you up to these days?
- doing a lot: active
an active trade union member to be active in local politics
- to think that you would like to do sth: feel* like sth/doing sth
I don't feel like studying this evening - let's go out.
- to feel able to do sth: feel*/be up to sth
I didn't feel up to going to work this morning.
- to do a piece of work or sth that you have been told to do: carry sth out, (formal) perform sth
The policeman said he was only carrying out orders. to carry out repairs on a car The doctor performed the operation under very difficult circumstances.
- to plan that an event will take place: hold* sth, put* sth on
We're holding a farewell party for the summer students. We're planning to put on a special concert to mark James's retirement.
- to do what is necessary in order to solve a problem, complete a task, etc: do* sth about sth, see* to sth, deal* with sb/sth
You really must do something about your cough. Don't worry about the rest of the cleaning - I'll see to it.
- to do sth urgently (in order to solve a problem, complete a task, etc): act
There's no time to lose - we need to act now.
- to say or do sth because of sth that has happened or sth that sb has said: respond (to sth), react (to sth); nouns (C/U): response, reaction
to respond to criticism 'How did she react to your suggestions?' 'She was very sympathetic.' What was his reaction to the news?
- to start doing sth which you used to do before: return to sth/doing sth, go*/come* back to sth/doing sth; noun: return
When do you have to return to work? I don't want to go back to being unemployed! I'm looking forward to my return to work.
※—† not doing sth
- not to do sth that you were supposed to do: fail to do sth; noun: failure
He failed to turn up for his interview this morning. your failure to complete the work on time
- doing nothing; not active: inactive; noun (U): inactivity
The machines lay inactive for weeks. a period of inactivity
- to be present but do nothing in a situation: stand* by, stand* about/around
They just stood by and watched while we did all the work.

2 different kinds of action
- a thing that you do: action (noun C/U), act
Of course everyone is responsible for their own actions. The noise finally became so bad that they decided to take action. That was a very kind act.
- a situation in which there is a lot of action or movement: activity (noun U)
constant activity
- something that you do, usually regularly and for enjoyment: activity
The school organizes lots of activities for the students.
- the actual doing of sth rather than the ideas or theory: practice (noun U)
It may be all right in theory but it won't work in practice.
Note: to describe an action you can use 'of' after act but not after action
an act (not action) of great kindness
- the things that you have done; the knowledge or skill that you get from seeing or doing sth: experience (noun U); having a lot of experience of sth: experienced
to have experience in the hotel trade You need to get some experience. Do you think she's experienced enough for this job?

3 doing sth with or for other people
- to do sth with other people: take* part (in sth), join in (sth), (formal) participate (in sth)
to take part in a game/play/competition The older children were playing outside but they wouldn't let any of the younger ones join in.
- a person who takes part in sth: participant
Most of the participants in the course are experienced professionals.
- taking part in sth: involved (in sth)
We still don't know how many people were involved in the robbery. I became involved in politics when I was at university.
- to try to take part in sb's affairs when you and your help are not wanted: interfere (in sth); noun (U): interference
Don't interfere - it's none of your business.
- to do sth for sb else: act on sb's behalf
We're acting on behalf of the local council.

4 the order in which things are done
- a number of things that are done in a certain order for a particular purpose: process
a production process the process of applying for a new passport
- the actions that you must take in order to do sth in the correct or usual way: procedure
I made a lot of mistakes because I don't know the correct procedure.
- one action in a sequence of actions: step
The first step is to choose your topic. Next, discuss it with your tutor.
- the time when you must or may do sth: turn
Whose turn is it? Now it was my turn to show what I was capable of.
- one after the other: in turn
We went up in turn to collect our prizes.
- to do sth one after the other: take* turns (at doing sth)
The children took turns at riding on the horse.
- to wait until it is your turn to do sth: wait your turn
There was a long queue, so we just had to wait our turn.
- something that is most important, that you must do before anything else: priority
This is number one on my list of priorities.

5 the time when sth is done
- while doing sth: in the middle of sth/doing sth
Don't disturb me now - I'm in the middle of writing some letters.
- with very little time to prepare sth: at short notice
I can't do this at such short notice; you should have told me about it weeks ago.
- if you decide to do sth at the moment of doing it, you do it on the spur of the moment
I decided to go to London on the spur of the moment; I hadn't planned to go at all.
- not planned: spontaneous (adverb spontaneously)
a spontaneous act of kindness
- to decide not to do sth until a later time: delay sth/doing sth, put* sth off, put* off doing sth
She always puts things off until the last minute and then she has to hurry to get them finished.
- to finally do sth after doing other things; to find the necessary time to do sth: get* around to doing sth
I didn't get around to phoning him today; I'll try and do it tomorrow.
※ more on delaying sth EARLY/LATE
- going to do sth very soon: just about to do sth, on the point of doing sth
I was just about to leave when the phone rang.
※—† MORE ...
- an action that you take because you want to achieve a particular result: move
If you want to be friends again, you have to make the first move.
- an action that is done for a special reason: measure
The government are taking emergency measures to deal with crime.
- to use a lot of care and effort in doing sth: take* the trouble to do sth
It was very kind of you to take the trouble to come all that way just for the party.
- to make a very special effort to do sth: go* out of your way (to do sth)
He went out of his way to be kind to us .
- to recognize and use a suitable time to do sth: take* the opportunity to do sth/of doing sth
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming here tonight.

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