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1 something happening
2 different kinds of event
3 happening at the same time
4 expecting sth to happen
happening always, often, usually
causing sth to happen CAUSE/EFFECT
see also ACTION

1 something happening
- to take place (without being planned): happen, (more formal) occur
What happened? They waited a few minutes to see what would happen. They said that things would get better, but that hasn't happened. At what time did the accident occur?
- when sth that is planned happens, it takes* place
The meeting will take place in the main hall.
- to begin to exist or happen: come* about, (more formal) arise*
How did this situation come about? More and more problems began to arise.
- to happen over a period of time: go* on
How long has this been going on for?
- something that is happening now is in progress, going on
I'm afraid you can't go in - there's a meeting in progress. Can you tell me what's going on in there?
- to be about to happen: come* up
There's an interesting conference coming up next year.
- to happen unexpectedly: come* up, crop up
I'm afraid I won't be able to come tonight - something has come up.
- if sb experiences sth or something is done to sth, it happens to sb/sth
Some terrible things happened to people who were put in this prison. What happened to the money that I left on the table? (= where is the money?)
'I wonder what happened to Susan Baxter?' 'I think she went to live in Canada.'
※—† where sth happens
- a place where sth happens: scene
He was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.
- the situation in which sth happens or that caused sth to happen: context, setting
It's easier to understand the book when you put it in its historical context.

2 different kinds of event
- something that happens, especially sth important: event
Christmas is an important event in our family. At the trial, witnesses were asked about the events leading up to the murder. an annual event
- an unimportant event: incident
an amusing little incident
- any kind of event or incident or happening: (formal) occurrence
a common/frequent/regular occurrence
- full of interesting and important events: eventful
a very interesting and eventful day.
- a special event or celebration: occasion
An eighteenth birthday is a very special occasion.
- a social event: affair
The wedding was a very enjoyable affair.
- something that is grand, interesting or unusual to look at: spectacle
The street party was an amazing spectacle - there were dancers, actors, musicians all wearing beautiful costumes.
- events that happen at a formal meeting or ceremony: proceedings (noun plural)
The newspapers gave an account of the day's proceedings.
- the things that are happening in a particular place or at a particular time: situation
I'm in a very difficult situation at the moment. I don't know how to get out of this situation.
※ more on situations SITUATION
- something that has happened to you: experience
an unpleasant/exciting/unusual experience
- one separate event in your life, in a novel, etc: episode
It was the most embarrassing episode in my entire life.
- the most important and exciting part of an event: climax
The evening reached its climax at midnight when everybody was singing and dancing on the tables.
- a new or recent event: development
We're not expecting any further developments today.
- an experience or event which is unusual, exciting or dangerous: adventure
We had lots of adventures while we were on holiday.
- a number of things that happen or that come one after another: sequence of events
- a series of events that are connected: chain of events
a chain of events that led to the closing of the business early this year
※—† bad events
- an event that causes a lot of harm or damage: disaster, catastrophe; adjectives: disastrous, catastrophic
a major oil disaster in the North Sea. The war had a catastrophic effect on the whole country.
- a serious event that needs immediate action: emergency
In an emergency, press the red button for help.
- an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes damage, injury or death: accident
to be in a car accident
- an event (especially one that involves violence or danger): incident
There were a number of violent incidents after the football match.
※ more on accidents ACCIDENT

3 happening at the same time
- to happen at the same time as sth else: coincide (with sth), clash (with sth)
The meeting coincided with my doctor's appointment. I'm pretty sure that the programmes clash.
- happening at the same time: simultaneous (adverb simultaneously)
The two events were simultaneous. They happened simultaneously.
- when two or more similar things happen at the same time by chance, it is (a) coincidence (noun C/U); adjective: coincidental
What a coincidence! It was pure coincidence that we ended up working in the same office together.

4 expecting sth to happen
- to think or believe that sth will happen: expect sth (to happen)
We're not expecting anything new to happen in the next few days. I don't expect things to change immediately.
- something which people expect to happen is expected; not expected: unexpected (adverb unexpectedly)
an expected reaction an unexpected rise in the number of new students He arrived quite unexpectedly.
※ more on things happening in the future FUTURE
- the way in which things happen that you did not expect: chance (noun U)
- without being planned: accidentally, by accident, by chance
I accidentally pressed the off button. We met by chance on the train. I came across the letter by chance while I was looking for something else.
- the feeling that you have when sth happens that you do not expect: surprise
I got quite a surprise when I arrived home to find a huge bouquet of flowers on my front doorstep.
- to happen or do sth when sb is not expecting it: take* sb by surprise
The news of their wedding took me quite by surprise.
※ more on surprising events and feelings of surprise SURPRISE

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