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see also SEA
- an area of land by the sea, usually covered with sand or stones, and often covered by the sea at high tide: beach
She spent the whole afternoon lying on the beach.
- the land at the edge of the sea: shore (noun C/U), seashore (noun U)
The swimmer kept close to the shore.
- the type of ground found in deserts and on beaches, made of tiny pieces of stone: sand (noun U); having a lot of sand: sandy
children playing in the sand
- a smooth, round stone that is found near the sea: pebble
a pebble beach (= a beach with a lot of pebbles)
- the hard outer part of a small sea animal which you can find at the beach: shell
- a steep, rocky part of the coast: cliff
- a low hill of sand by the sea or in the desert: dune, sand dune
- a raised line of water which moves across the surface of the sea: wave
- the regular rising and falling of the level of the sea: tide
high/low tide
※ more on waves and tides SEA
- an area on the coast where people go on holiday: seaside (noun singular)
a holiday by the seaside
- a town with a lot of hotels by the sea: (seaside) resort
- the street which goes along the edge of the sea in a seaside town: front, seafront
- a large structure which is built out into the sea, and which has entertainments and amusements for people who are on holiday: pier
※—† activities by the sea
- to swim in the sea or in a lake or river: bathe; noun (U): bathing
a good beach for bathing
- to walk in bare feet in shallow water, for example in the sea: paddle
We sat on the sand and watched the children paddling.
- to take off most of your clothes and sit or lie in the sun to make your skin go brown: sunbathe
- to stand or lie on a special board (a surfboard) and ride on a wave towards the shore: surf; a person who surfs: surfer
We spent the day surfing and sunbathing.
- to swim with a tube (a snorkel) which allows you to breathe underwater: snorkel
※ swimming SWIM

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