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asking for permission to do sth ALLOW
※—† asking for sth
- to ask sb if they will give you sth: ask (sb) for sth, (formal) request sth (from sb); noun: request (for sth)
We went into the café and asked for some coffee. I've decided to ask my bank manager for a loan. They've put in a request for more time to finish the project.
- to speak to sb in order to ask for sth: (formal) approach sb (for/about sth)
Have you approached your boss about the new job yet?
- to make a formal request in writing, for example for a job: apply (to sb) (for sth); noun (C/U): application
I've applied for several jobs, but I still haven't had any luck. We've received hundreds of applications. an application form
- a person who applies for sth: applicant
a job applicant
- to make a formal request for sth that you think you should get: claim sth; noun: claim
We found this watch in the cloakroom, but no one's claimed it yet. an insurance claim
- to make a strong request for sth, as if you are giving an order: demand sth; noun: demand
The men are demanding higher pay. I think it's a reasonable demand.
- to make a strong and serious request for sth: appeal (to sb) (for sth), beg (sb) for sth; noun: appeal
The Red Cross are appealing to the public for contributions. to beg for forgiveness an urgent appeal for help
※—† asking sb to do sth
- to ask sb if they will do sth for you: ask sb (to do sth), (formal) request sb (to do sth); noun: request
I asked him to help me with my homework. I asked him if he could give me a hand. Customers are requested not to smoke.
- to ask sb strongly to do sth: beg sb (to do sth), urge sb (to do sth), (formal) call on/upon sb (to do sth)
His mother begged them not to take him away. I urge you to think again. Greenpeace are calling on governments to stop dumping chemical waste in the North Sea.
- if you do sth because sb has asked you to, you do it at sb's request, at the request of sb
The letter was sent at my request.
※—† saying yes or no to a request
- to say yes to a request: agree (to sth), agree (to do sth), (formal) consent (to sth); nouns (U): agreement, consent
Andy has agreed to lend us his car. Her parents refused to consent to the marriage. They can't get married without their parents' consent.
- to say no to a request: refuse (sth), not agree (to sth), not agree (to do sth)
We begged them to lend us the money but they refused. He won't agree to let us out early.
※ words for agreeing to a request YES/NO
※—† some ways of making requests
- the word for making a request more polite: please
- to make a request, you can say Will you ※€¦? or Would you (kindly) ※€¦? or Can you ※€¦? or Could you (possibly) ※€¦?
Please will you do me a favour? Would you very kindly bring me that chair? Can you get me a drink, please? Could you possibly go and buy some milk from the shop?
- to make a very polite request, you can say Do you mind ※€¦? or Would you mind ※€¦? or I'm sorry to bother/trouble you, but ※€¦
Do you mind waiting a few minutes? Would you mind coming back tomorrow? I'm sorry to trouble you, but would you mind answering a few questions?

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