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these question words can be made stronger to show surprise, anger, etc. You can add -ever; for example: whenever? wherever? whoever? whatever? Or you can add on earth; for example: where on earth? who on earth? what on earth? why on earth?
Whatever could have happened to them?Why on earth didn't you call?How on earth did you find out?
- if you want to know a thing or person (from a limited group), you say which?
Which (one) is yours?
- if you want to know the person that sth belongs to, you say whose?
Whose (car) is that?
- questions to do with amount (of time, distance, etc) are asked with how?
How much is a ticket to Liverpool?How much bread did you buy?How many people were there?How long have you been living here?How far is it to Glasgow?How old is your sister?How often do you go to France?

2 answers
- to say or write sth to sb after they have asked you a question: answer (sb/sth), reply (to sb/sth)
I asked him a simple question but he couldn't answer.Make sure you answer all the questions.'What's the time?' 'Four thirty,' she answered.'Not just now,' he replied, 'I'm busy at the moment.'
- to reply to sb in a rude way: (only used to children) answer (sb) back
Don't answer back when I'm talking to you!
- what you say or write to sb after they have asked you a question: answer, reply
She gave a very surprising answer.Bob wasn't satisfied with her reply.Do you want a straight (= honest and open) answer?
- as a reply to sth: in answer (to sth), in reply (to sth), in response (to sth)
Paul nodded in response to my question.
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- a clever or amusing question or joke: riddle
Let me ask you a riddle and see if you can solve it.
- a game or competition in which people have to answer questions: quiz
a general knowledge quiz
- a question which you ask without expecting an answer: rhetorical question


1 questions
2 answers
questions that you have to think about to find the answer
questions in grammar GRAMMAR
see also REQUEST

1 questions
- something you say or write that asks for an answer: question
Can I ask you a question? Why won't you answer my question? Have you got any questions on what I've just said?
- something that you need to be given an answer to: query
I have a few other queries.
- to put a question or questions to sb in order to find out some information: ask (sb) (sth), ask (sb) (about sb/sth), (formal) enquire (especially AmE inquire) (about sb/sth); noun (C/U): enquiry (especially AmE inquiry)
Don't forget to ask which train they're coming on. 'Are you going to watch the match?' she asked. She asked us if/whether we were going to watch the match. I'd like to enquire about flights to Nigeria. They appear to have made no further enquiry. I don't know the answer - I'll have to make some enquiries.
- to ask for news about sb (their health, etc): ask after sb, (formal) enquire (especially AmE inquire) after sb/sth
Phil asked after you in his letter.
- a person who asks a question or questions: questioner
- to ask questions in order to find out detailed information about sth: investigate sth, look into sth, (formal) inquire into sth; this type of activity: investigation (into sth) (noun C/U), inquiry (into sth)
The police are investigating the crime. We're still looking into the causes of the accident. a police investigation The company is under investigation. a public inquiry into safety procedures
- a person who investigates things: investigator
- a list of questions that you ask a lot of people in order to collect information about sth: questionnaire
Would you mind filling in this questionnaire?
- to ask sb questions in order to find out what they did or what they know about sth, for example to find out if they committed a crime: question sb, interrogate sb; this type of activity: questioning (noun U), interrogation (noun C/U)
I was stopped and questioned by the police. The three suspects were interrogated repeatedly. three days of questioning They accused the police of beating them during the interrogations.
- a person who interrogates people: interrogator
- to ask yourself a question in your own mind: wonder (sth)
I wonder what time it is. I wonder if they'll come. We'd been wondering about it for a long time.
- asking a question or a lot of questions: questioning (adverb questioningly), inquiring (adverb inquiringly)
a questioning look an inquiring mind She looked at me inquiringly.
- asking a lot of questions, especially about what other people are doing: inquisitive; noun (U): inquisitiveness
Don't be so inquisitive!
※—† question words
a time or date when?
a place where?
a person who?
a thing, etc what?
the reason for sth why?
the way sth is done how?
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