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see also PAIN, SAD
- to produce water from your eyes, and make a noise, because you are unhappy or have hurt yourself: cry, (formal) weep*
Don't cry! Everything's going to be all right. The baby was crying all night.
- one of the drops of water that you produce when you cry: tear (usually plural)
She wiped away her tears. The tears started rolling down her cheeks.
- if sb is crying, they are in tears
She was in tears over the death of her pet dog.
- if sb is nearly crying, or crying just a little, they are tearful (adverb tearfully)
Poor little Johnny was rather tearful on his first day at school.
- to start crying suddenly: break*/burst* into tears, burst* out crying
When I told her the bad news, she burst into tears.
- if you have been trying not to cry for a long time, but you finally start crying, you break* down
When I said that, it all became too much for her and she finally broke down.
- to cry very hard for a long time: cry your eyes out, cry your heart out
She's been crying her eyes out all day since she heard the dreadful news.
- to cry until you fall asleep: cry yourself to sleep
I just can't forget him. I cry myself to sleep every night.
- if you are nearly crying, but you are able to stop yourself, you choke back the tears
'Thank you, you've been so kind,' he said, choking back the tears.
※—† different ways of crying
- to cry while making a noise or while speaking: sob; noun: sob
'Why did this have to happen?' sobbed the woman. The child let out a loud sob.
- to cry very loudly, like a baby: bawl
- to cry and sniff in an annoying way: snivel
Stop snivelling - you're not a child!
- to cry with great pain or sadness, making a low noise: moan; noun: moan
The man was still alive - we could hear him moaning under the wreckage.
- to cry very loudly and dramatically: wail
- to cry quietly, making a high noise: whimper; noun: whimper
The puppy whimpered with pain.
※—† MORE ...
- if a child cries a lot, other children sometimes call him/her a cry-baby
Don't be such a cry-baby!
- if you cry, not because you are sad, but because your eyes are irritated, you say that your eyes water
These onions are making my eyes water!

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