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taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
dancing, dance, saltation
Derivationally related forms:
saltate (for: saltation), terpsichorean, dance (for: dance), dance (for: dancing)
Members of this Topic:
sidestep, tap, busker, jive, dance,
dance, trip the light fantastic toe, clog, tap dance, belly dance,
heel, shimmy
diversion, recreation, performing arts
adagio, break dancing, break dance, courante, nautch,
nauch, nautch dance, pavane, pavan, phrase, saraband,
skank, slam dancing, slam dance, step dancing, hoofing, toe dancing,
toe dance, stage dancing, choreography, pas seul, variation, pas de deux,
duet, pas de trois, pas de quatre, social dancing, mambo, ritual dancing,
ritual dance, ceremonial dance

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