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Từ điển Oxford Advanced Learner 8th

pres·sur·ize (BrE also-ise) [pressurize pressurizes pressurized pressurizing] BrE [ˈpreʃəraɪz] NAmE [ˈpreʃəraɪz] verb
1. (BrE) (also pres·sure NAmE, BrE)often passive to persuade sb to do sth, especially by making them feel that they have to or should do it
~ sb (into sth/into doing sth) Stop trying to pressurize me!
She was pressurized into accepting the job.
~ sb to do sth He felt that he was being pressurized to resign.
2. usually passive ~ sth to keep the air pressure in a ↑submarine, an aircraft, etc. the same as it is on earth
a pressurized cabin
Derived Word:pressurization
See also:pressure
Verb forms:

Example Bank:
He felt he was being pressurized to resign.
She was pressurized into getting married.

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