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1 big and small
2 very big and very small
3 becoming bigger or smaller
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1 big and small
- big in size: big, large
a big person/building/town/car a great big balloon These shoes are too big for me. a large store two large steaks a large area of land to get bigger
Note: big and large mean the same thing. Large is usually used more formally than big; it is not often used to describe people.
- not large in size or amount: small, little
a small person/building/project/improvement a small number of people a little girl to get smaller
Note: small is usually the opposite of big or large; we say smaller and smallest but not littler or littlest; little often follows other adjectives to express the way you feel about sth:
a horrid little boy a beautiful little house a tiny little place
- how big or small sth is: size (noun C/U)
Have you got them in a smaller size? I was astonished at the size of the building. smaller in size
- of a size that is neither very big nor very small: medium(-sized), average(-sized)
a medium-sized town 'What sizes have you got?' 'Small, medium and large.' I wouldn't say she's particularly tall - just average, really.
※ more on size SIZE
- the sizes of clothes CLOTHES
- different ways of being big or small FAT/THIN/THICK, HEIGHT, LONG/SHORT, WEIGHT, WIDE/NARROW
- having a lot of space: roomy, spacious
a spacious flat
- taking up a lot of space; difficult to move or carry: bulky
They aren't heavy but they're difficult to carry because they're so bulky.

2 very big and very small
- very large in size, amount or extent: huge, massive, vast, enormous
a huge elephant a massive earthquake a vast expanse of water an enormous building/person/field
- big, tall and impressive: imposing
an imposing mountain/building
- very small: tiny, minute, (informal, especially in Scotland) wee, (formal) diminutive
a tiny house/person/amount minute quantities of carbon monoxide a wee girl a diminutive figure
- very small; so small that you cannot see it: microscopic
a microscopic animal

3 becoming bigger or smaller
- to get bigger: grow*, increase in size; noun (U): growth; adjective: growing
The plant grew three centimetres in one week. The population has grown over the last ten years. The hole in the ozone layer is increasing in size every year. The doctors are worried about the growth of the tumour. a growing child
- to become bigger or fuller: swell* (up); to make sth bigger or fuller: swell* sth; adjective: swollen
Your feet swell when they get hot. Two days of continuous rain had swollen the rivers. Her face was all swollen - it looked like somebody had hit her.
- to get smaller: shrink*, decrease in size; to cause sth to get smaller: shrink* sth; adjective: shrinking
My jumper shrank in the wash.
※ more on the growth of people, animals or plants GROW
- (used especially about metals and other materials; also used about commercial and other activities) to get bigger: expand; to cause sth to get bigger: expand sth; noun (U): expansion; adjective: expanding
Metals expand when they get hot. They're expanding the company over the next two years.
- (used especially about metals and other materials; also used about commercial and other activities) to get smaller: contract; noun (U): contraction
Metals contract when they get cold. Further contraction of the steel industry is inevitable.
- to make sth bigger in size (a photograph, for example): enlarge sth; an act of making sth larger: enlargement; a thing (usually a photograph) that has been made larger: enlargement
I need to enlarge this picture
- to make sth look bigger than it is: magnify sth
We could see the cells magnified 6 000 times under the microscope
※ becoming bigger/smaller in number or quantity INCREASE/DECREASE
※—† MORE ...
- small, neat and taking up little space: compact
These new computers are very compact - you can put them in a suitcase.
- small enough to fit in your pocket: pocket (only before a noun)
a pocket calculator

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