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becoming larger in number or amount INCREASE/DECREASE
see also BIG/SMALL
- to increase in size: grow*; noun (U): growth
Hasn't Ben grown!
- to develop into an adult form: grow* (from sth) (into sth)
The grass will never grow if we don't have some rain soon.
- to grow very quickly: (informal) shoot* up
Andrew's shooting up - he's already taller than his father!
- to begin to be sth: become* sth
to become an adult
- to gradually become sth: grow* into sth; turn into sth
This small seed will grow into a tall tree. Your son is turning into a very handsome young man.
- to grow slowly, or change into sth else: develop; noun (U): development
to develop from a child into an adult the development of the human embryo
- (used about people) to become an adult: grow* up
I grew up in India.
- when sb has become an adult, both physically and mentally, they are grown up, mature
They're not grown up enough to get married yet.
- a person who has grown up: adult, (informal) grown-up
- if a plant or animal has grown to a point where it will not grow any more, it is fully developed, fully-grown, mature
a fully-grown elephant a mature tree
※ more on the way things develop DEVELOP
- to grow big enough to fit your clothes: grow* into sth
It's a bit big for you now, but you'll soon grow into it.
- to grow to be too big to fit your clothes or too old for sth: grow* out of sth, outgrow* sth
Henry's already grown out of his shoes. When is he going to grow out of this childish behaviour?
※—† making things grow
- to plant sth and look after it: grow* sth (from sth)
'Did you buy that plant?' 'No, I grew it from seed.'
- to grow sth in large quantities in order to sell it: produce sth
We produce mainly cereal crops on our farm.
※ more on growing plants PLANT, FARM

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