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I - noun
a substance that destroys micro-organisms that carry disease without harming body tissues
medicine, medication, medicament, medicinal drug
chloramine, chloramine-T, chlorhexidine, gramicidin, iodoform,
triiodomethane, merbromine, Mercurochrome, mild silver protein, Argyrol, neomycin,
neomycin, Neobiotic, thimerosal, sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate, Merthiolate,
tincture of iodine, iodine

II - adjective
1. thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease-causing organisms (Freq. 1)
- doctors in antiseptic green coats
- the antiseptic effect of alcohol
- it is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities
Similar to:
aseptic, sterile, bactericidal, disinfectant, germicidal,
cleansing, purifying, nonpurulent, uninfected, clean
See Also:
clean, germfree, healthful
Derivationally related forms:
2. clean and honest (Freq. 1)
- antiseptic financial practices
Similar to:
3. freeing from error or corruption
- the antiseptic effect of sturdy criticism
Similar to:
4. devoid of objectionable language
- lyrics as antiseptic as Sunday School
Similar to:
clean, unobjectionable

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