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1 medicines and what they do
2 different kinds of medicine and how they are taken
3 getting the medicine that you need
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1 medicines and what they do
- a substance that you use when you are ill or injured in order to get better: medicine (noun C/U)
You won't get better if you don't take your medicine. cough medicine
- a chemical that is used as a medicine: drug
a powerful new drug different drugs for treating malaria the drug manufacturers
- to use medicine or medical care to try to make sb who is ill or injured well again: treat sb/sth; noun (C/U): treatment
a new drug to treat cancer He was treated for shock. She's undergoing treatment for malaria.
- to make sb healthy again: cure sb (of sth); noun: cure
The treatment cured him of tuberculosis. The new drug brought about a miraculous cure.
- to make an illness or injury end or disappear: cure sth
This medicine should cure your indigestion.
- a medicine or treatment that can cure an illness: cure
a cure for Aids
- sth that makes you better when you are ill or in pain: remedy
Hot lemon with honey is said to be a good remedy for colds.
- when the effects of taking a medicine disappear slowly, they wear* off

2 different kinds of medicine and how they are taken
- to make sb take some medicine: give* sb sth, (formal) administer sth (to sb)
The nurse gave him an injection. The doctor administered a pain-killing drug.
- the amount of medicine that you take at one time: dose
You can reduce the daily dose.
- the amount of medicine that you should take over a period of time: dosage
The dosage is two tablets three times a day.
- a particular medicine taken regularly over a period of time: course (of sth)
The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics.
※—† medicine that you put in your mouth
- a small round piece of medicine that you swallow: pill, tablet
- a very small container with medicine inside that you swallow whole: capsule
- medicine that you suck like a sweet (for coughs or sore throats): lozenge
- liquid medicine that you take for a cough: cough mixture (noun U)
- to swallow some medicine: take* sth
Take two tablets three times a day.
※—† medicine that you put on your body
- a smooth thick substance that you put on your skin: ointment (noun U), cream (noun U)
- a liquid that you put on your skin: lotion (noun U)
- to put medicine on to your body: apply sth to sth; to put it on by rubbing: rub sth into sth, rub sth in
Rub the ointment gently into the affected part.
- to clean and cover a wound: dress sth; the covering (which may include medicine such as an ointment): dressing
※—† medicine that you put directly into the body
- medicine that is put into the body with a needle: injection, (informal) jab (AmE shot)
The doctor gave me a penicillin injection. Have you had your jabs? (= injections needed before you can travel to another country)
- to give an injection: inject sb with sth
They injected him with morphine.
- the instrument that is used for giving an injection: syringe; the sharp part of a syringe: needle
※—† medicines for particular illnesses
- a medicine that is used for reducing or stopping pain: painkiller; a common type of medicine that reduces pain or fever: aspirin (noun C/U)
to take an aspirin
- a medicine that prevents a cut, etc from becoming infected: antiseptic (noun C/U)
- a medicine that is used for treating an illness by killing the bacteria that cause it: antibiotic; a common type of antibiotic: penicillin (noun U)
They're treating the infection with antibiotics.
- a medicine that makes you calm: sedative, tranquillizer
- a medicine that helps you to sleep: sleeping pill
- to protect sb from a disease by giving them an injection: vaccinate sb (against sth), immunize sb (against sth); an injection of this kind: vaccination (noun C/U), immunization (noun U/C)
They'll have to be vaccinated against cholera before they can travel.
- a medicine that is used to prevent a poison from having an effect: antidote
※—† problems in taking medicine
- if you react to a medicine by becoming more ill or developing red spots on your body, you are allergic (to it)
Are you allergic to penicillin?
- an amount of medicine that is too large and is therefore dangerous: overdose
She died from an overdose of aspirin.

3 getting the medicine that you need
- (used about doctors) to say what medicine or treatment a patient should have: prescribe sth; the piece of paper on which a doctor writes down the medicine you have to take: prescription (noun C/U)
What did the doctor prescribe for your cough? Antibiotics are only available on prescription.
- a person who prepares and sells medicines: chemist, pharmacist (AmE druggist)
- a shop which sells medicines: chemist's, pharmacy
You can get these tablets at the chemist's.
※—† MORE ...
- medicines or treatments which are different from those that most doctors are trained to give: alternative medicine (noun U)
- a plant whose leaves or seeds are used as a medicine: herb; adjective: herbal
- a person who sells or prescribes herbs for medical use: herbalist
- a way of treating illness or stopping pain by putting thin needles into parts of the body: acupuncture (noun U)

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