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Từ điển Oxford Advanced Learner 8th

pref·er·able [preferable preferably] BrE [ˈprefrəbl] NAmE [ˈprefrəbl] adjective
more attractive or more suitable; to be preferred to sth
~ (to sth) Anything was preferable to the tense atmosphere at home.
~ (to doing sth) He finds country life infinitely preferable to living in the city.
~ (to do sth) It would be preferable to employ two people, not one.
Derived Word:preferably

Example Bank:
Death was considered vastly preferable to surrender.
The new policies are infinitely preferable to what went before.
The summer months are preferable for weddings.
This technique is far preferable to any alternative.
We are committed to purchasing environmentally preferable products whenever possible.
It would be preferable to employ two people rather than one.

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