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1 structure and organization
2 teaching and research
3 studying at a university
4 getting a degree
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1 structure and organization
- an educational institution of the highest level: university
the University of Edinburgh the Open University a university student
- an institution where you can study after you leave school which is not a university: college
a further education college a technical college a teacher training college
- education at a university: higher education (noun U)
The government wants to make it possible for more people to go on to higher education.
- (at some universities) an independent institution which has its own teachers, students and buildings: college
He went to Oxford University but I don't know which college he was at.
- the area of land where the main building of a university is: campus (noun C/U)
Do you live on campus?
- the head of a university: vice-chancellor (AmE chancellor), principal
- the head of some colleges: president
- one of the parts into which a university is divided: department; adjective: departmental; a person who runs a department in a university: head of department
the Department of Sociology a departmental meeting
- a group of related departments in a university: faculty; the head of a faculty: dean
the Faculty of Science and Engineering the dean of the Arts Faculty
- the teaching staff of a faculty: faculty (noun U, with singular or plural verb)
a meeting of faculty
- the teaching staff of the whole university: (AmE) faculty (noun U, with singular or plural verb)
- the part of a year at university when students have classes and exams: academic year
The academic year begins in October.
- one of three parts that the academic year is divided into in some countries: term (noun C/U)
the Autumn/Spring/Summer term end-of-term examinations
- one of two parts that the academic year is divided into in some countries: semester
- one of the parts of the university year when there are no classes: vacation
the Easter vacation the long vacation (= the summer vacation)

2 teaching and research
- a person who teaches at a university or college: lecturer; the position of a lecturer: lectureship
They're advertising a lectureship in the Sociology Department.
- a senior person who teaches at a university: professor; the position of a professor: chair, professorship
She's just been appointed to the Chair of European History.
- a person who teaches and/or does research at a university: academic
- a talk to a group of people on a particular subject: lecture (on/about sth)
Did you go to his lecture on Brecht? to give a lecture
- to give a lecture or lectures on a particular subject: lecture (on/about sth)
- a room which is used for giving lectures: lecture room, lecture theatre
- a person who teaches a small group of students: tutor
- a lesson given by a tutor to one student or a small group of students: tutorial
- a class in which a small group discuss or study a subject with a teacher: seminar; a talk which is given for a seminar: seminar paper
All the students have to give a seminar paper at least once during the term. a seminar room
- a teacher at a university who makes sure that students are doing their work properly: supervisor; to work as a supervisor: supervise sb; noun (U): supervision
Her dissertation is being supervised by Professor Holroyd. I'm not happy with the supervision I'm getting.
- a detailed and careful study of sth to find out more about it: research (into/on sth) (noun U)
What's his research on? a research project a research student
- to study sth carefully and in detail: do* research (into/on sth), research sth
She's doing some research into animal behaviour. She's researching her new book.
- a room or building that is used for scientific work, research or teaching about science: laboratory
- a place where you can go to read, work and borrow books: library
※ more on research STUDY
- libraries LIBRARY

3 studying at a university
- a person who is studying at a college or university: student
a university student
- a student who has not yet taken his or her first degree: undergraduate
an undergraduate course
- a student who is studying for a second degree at a university: postgraduate
new computer facilities for the postgraduates in the department a postgraduate student
- to attend university regularly as a student: go* to university, be at university
She's planning to spend a year abroad before she goes to university. I'm at London University.
- an opportunity to study at university: place
I got a place at Manchester University.
- a university building where some students live: hall (of residence)
- to live in a hall of residence: live in hall
- a society which all students can join: student union
- to spend time learning about sth: study (sth); the act of learning about sth: study (noun U)
George is studying German literature. What's his field of study?
- an area of knowledge that is studied at school, university, etc: subject
What subjects will you take when you go to university?
※ more on studying STUDY
- a complete series of lessons or classes: course (in/on sth); a part of a course: module
Which courses are you doing this term? How's your course going? The course consists of six modules.
- a part of a course that a student has completed and that appears on his/her record: credit
I need another four credits to complete this course.
- a written, spoken or practical test of what you know or can do: exam, (formal) examination
to take a maths exam
※ more on exams EXAM
- a short piece of writing on one subject: essay
to write an essay on sth to hand in an essay
- a piece of work that you are given to do by university teachers which counts towards your final degree: assignment
You need to do well in your assignments as well as in the exam.
- a long piece of writing on sth which you have studied or researched, especially as part of a university degree: dissertation, thesis (plural theses)
to write a thesis
- to give a completed piece of work to a person in authority: hand sth in
When have you got to hand in your essay?
- a number or letter given for schoolwork or exams to show how good it is: mark, grade
What mark did you get? a high mark a good grade

4 getting a degree
- an examination that you have passed or a course of study that you have successfully completed: qualification
a teaching qualification
- a qualification gained by successfully completing an academic course at a university or college: degree
My daughter's at Harvard doing a degree in Political Science. I've got a degree in psychology.
- a qualification of a lower level than a degree: diploma
a diploma in hotel management
- to study sth as your main subject at college or university: (AmE) major in sth
I'm majoring in English.
- a person who holds a (first) degree from a university: graduate
a graduate in engineering a history graduate
- to get a first degree from a university: graduate (in sth) (from sth); noun (U): graduation
I graduated in History from Sussex University. After graduation, I plan to do a postgraduate degree.
- a ceremony in which degree certificates are given to people who have graduated from a university: graduation
※—† different kinds of degree
- a first university degree in an arts subject (= history, languages, etc): BA (= Bachelor of Arts)
- a first degree in a science subject: BSc (= Bachelor of Science)
- (in Britain) grades for a university degree: first (class), (upper) second (class), third (class)
She got an upper second in politics from Surrey University. a first-class honours degree
- a degree taken after a first degree in an arts subject: MA (= Master of Arts)
- a degree taken after a first degree in a science subject: MSc (= Master of Science)
- the highest university degree: PhD, DPhil (= Doctor of Philosophy), doctorate
to get a PhD to work for a doctorate
※—† MORE ...
- money that is given (by the government) to help pay for a university or college education: (student) grant
- money that is borrowed by a student from the government to help pay for university education: (student) loan
- an amount of money that is given to a person who has passed an exam or won a competition in order to help pay for their studies: scholarship
She's won a scholarship to study music.
- a loose piece of clothing worn by students when they graduate: gown
- to leave university without finishing your studies: drop out (of sth)
He started university but dropped out after two years.

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