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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)

friable; crumbly; profitable

tính từ.
Friable, loose, crumbly, easily breakable
đất bở như vôi
earth loose like lime
khoai bở
a kind of highly starchy sweet potato
sợi bở
an easily breakable thread
Yielding easy profit, giving easy results
được món bở
it was a transaction yielding easy profit
nhận được phần việc ấy tưởng bở, thế mà hoá ra gay
the job received was thought to be easy to do with good results, but turned out to be quite tough
Flagging with fatigue
bở hơi tai
fagged out
chạy bở hơi tai
to run until one is fagged out
làm bở hơi tai, suốt cả ngày không nghỉ
to work without a break the whole day until one is fagged out
Gainful, profitable

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