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1. capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking
- a flexible wire
- a pliant young tree
bendable, pliable, pliant
Similar to:
flexible, flexile
Derivationally related forms:
pliantness (for: pliant), pliancy (for: pliant), pliability (for: pliable), bend (for: bendable), bendability (for: bendable)
2. easily impressed or influenced
- an impressionable youngster
- an impressionable age
- a waxy mind
impressionable, impressible
unimpressionable (for: impressionable)
Similar to:
easy, spinnable, plastic, pliant, susceptible
Derivationally related forms:
impress (for: impressible)
3. made of or covered with wax
- waxen candles
- careful, the floor is waxy
Pertains to noun:
wax, wax (for: waxen)
Derivationally related forms:
waxiness, wax
4. having the paleness of wax
- "the poor face with the same awful waxen pallor"- Bram Stoker
- the soldier turned his waxlike features toward him
- a thin face with a waxy paleness
waxen, waxlike
Similar to:
colorless, colourless

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