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useless /ˈjuːsləs/ BrE AmE adjective
[Word Family: noun: ↑usage, ↑use, ↑disuse, ↑misuse, ↑reuse, ↑usefulness ≠ ↑uselessness, ↑user; adjective: ↑reusable, used ≠ ↑unused, ↑disused, ↑useful ≠ ↑useless, ↑usable ≠ ↑unusable; verb: ↑use, ↑misuse, ↑reuse; adverb: ↑usefully ≠ ↑uselessly]
1. not useful or effective in any way OPP useful:
The doctor concluded that further treatment would be useless.
a website full of useless information
virtually/completely/totally etc useless
Water had got into the radio, and now it was completely useless.
useless for
The land is useless for growing crops.
it is useless to do something
It was useless to complain.
worse than useless (=not useful and in fact causing harm or problems)
The map was so out-of-date it was worse than useless.
2. informal unable or unwilling to do anything properly:
Don’t ask Tim to fix it. He’s completely useless.
—uselessly adverb
—uselessness noun [uncountable]
• • •
completely/totally/absolutely useless The treatment is completely useless.
wholly/entirely useless From his point of view qualifications are wholly useless.
virtually/almost/practically useless These flaws could make the software virtually useless in a business environment.
quite useless British English (=completely useless) The vehicle proved quite useless on rocky ground.
pretty/fairly useless The book is pretty useless for today's students.
render something useless She has a debilitating condition which renders her legs virtually useless.
make something useless Salt water flooded into the land making it useless for farming.
prove useless Police checkpoints proved useless at stopping the suicide bombers.
worse than useless (=not useful, and causing harm or problems) It would be worse than useless to try and complain about him.
• • •
pointless not likely to have a useful result: She knew it would be pointless to argue with him. | The meeting was a pointless exercise.
futile completely pointless because there is no chance at all of being successful: She shut the door in a futile attempt to keep the smell out. | Their efforts proved futile (=did not have any success).
useless not useful or effective in any way: I knew it was useless to try to explain to him what had happened. | The map we had been given was useless.
hopeless having no hope of being successful or effective: It was a hopeless task. | He was jumping up and down in a hopeless attempt to keep warm.
be a waste of time/money/effort to be not worth the time, money etc that you use because you do not achieve anything: The whole process was a complete waste of time. | The scheme was a waste of money.

tính từ
vô ích, vô dụng; không đem lại kết quả tốt, không phục vụ cho một mục đích hữu ích nào
useless efforts
những cố gắng vô ích
a car is useless without petrol
ô tô mà không có xăng thì vô dụng
it's useless arguing/to argue with them
tranh cãi với họ làm gì (vô ích)
(thông tục) kém, yếu, không thạo
a useless player
một đấu thủ kém cỏi
I'm useless at maths
tôi rất kém về toán

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