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tim·ber [timber timbers timbered timbering] BrE [ˈtɪmbə(r)] NAmE [ˈtɪmbər] noun
1. uncountable trees that are grown to be used in building or for making things
the timber industry
2. uncountable (especially BrE) (NAmE usually lum·ber)wood that is prepared for use in building, etc
houses built of timber
3. countable, usually plural a long heavy piece of wood used in building a house or ship
roof timbers
4. timber!used to warn people that a tree that has been cut is about to fall
See also:lumber

Word Origin:
Old English in the sense ‘a building’, also ‘building material’, of Germanic origin; related to German Zimmer ‘room’, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘build’.

Example Bank:
The house has exposed oak timbers.
a solid timber door

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