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Từ điển Oxford Learners Wordfinder Dictionary
shut in

surround completely
- Darkness enclosed him
- They closed in the porch with a fence
enclose, close in, inclose
Derivationally related forms:
enclosure (for: enclose)
surround, environ, ring, skirt, border
tuck, insert, wall in, wall up, embower,
bower, enshrine, shrine, encase, incase, case,
immerse, swallow, swallow up, bury, eat up, frame,
frame in, border, glass, glass in, bank, dike,
dyke, encapsulate, fence, fence in, rope in, rope off,
rope off, casket, corral, fortify, fort,
hedge, hedge in
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s something
- Something ----s something

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