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1 parts of the face
2 the appearance of the face
3 facial expressions
other parts of the head

1 parts of the face
※ more on eyes EYE
- more on noses NOSE
- more on mouths MOUTH
- more on ears EAR
- the front part of your head: face; adjective: facial
- a part of the face, for example the mouth or the nose: feature
strong/handsome features
- a small round hollow on your chin, cheek, etc that is often only seen when you smile: dimple
She has a very attractive dimple on her left cheek.

2 the appearance of the face
- a person's appearance in general: looks (noun plural)
He has good looks and intelligence.
- the natural colour and quality of the skin on your face: complexion
a healthy complexion
※ the appearance of the skin SKIN
- the hair which grows on a man's cheeks and chin: beard
- if a man does not have any hair on his face, he is clean-shaven
※ beards and other hair on the face HAIR

3 facial expressions
- the expression on a person's face: look, face
She had a look of surprise on her face. the children's happy faces
- if your face shows no feeling, understanding or interest, it is blank or you look blank (adverb blankly)
She looked at me blankly.
- to make expressions with your face in order to annoy sb or show your feelings: make*/pull a face (at sb)
The children made faces behind the teacher's back.
- to become red in the face: flush; adjective: flushed
The wine made him flush. Are you all right? You look flushed.
- to become red in the face because of strong feeling: redden
He reddened in anger.
- to become red in the face because of a feeling of shame or embarrassment: blush
She blushed when she heard her name.
※—† happy expressions
- to turn up the corners of your mouth to show happiness or pleasure: smile; noun: smile
She turned and smiled at me. He has a wonderful smile.
- to have a big smile on your face: beam, grin; nouns: beam, grin
He beamed with delight. She grinned at his joke. to give a grin
- to have a silly or unpleasant smile on your face: smirk; noun: smirk
Stop smirking. Your work wasn't any better than hers.
※—† unhappy expressions
- to bring your eyebrows together when you are angry or worried so that lines appear on your forehead: frown; noun: frown
He frowned when he saw the bill.
- a look that shows you are angry or in a bad mood: scowl; verb: scowl
The little girl scowled at her mother.
※—† MORE ...
- a person's face seen from the side: profile
- a medical operation to make your face look younger: facelift
- a covering for the face (or part of it), worn to protect the face or to make it look different: mask
a surgeon's mask The robbers wore masks.

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