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I - noun
the product of a quantity by an integer
- 36 is a multiple of 9
product, mathematical product
double, triple, quadruple, lowest common multiple, least common multiple, lcm

II - adjective
having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual (Freq. 6)
- multiple birth
- multiple ownership
- made multiple copies of the speech
- his multiple achievements in public life
- her multiple personalities
- a pineapple is a multiple fruit
Similar to:
aggregate, bigeminal, binary, double, doubled,
twofold, two-fold, dual, duple, treble, threefold,
three-fold, duplex, manifold, multiplex, ternary, triple,
triplex, triune, quadruple, fourfold, four-fold, quadruplicate,
quadruplex, quaternate, quaternary, quintuple, fivefold, five-fold,
sextuple, sixfold, six-fold, septuple, sevenfold, seven-fold,
octuple, eightfold, eight-fold, nonuple, ninefold, nine-fold,
tenfold, ten-fold, denary
Derivationally related forms:

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