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opin·ion [opinion opinions] BrE [əˈpɪnjən] NAmE [əˈpɪnjən] noun
1. countable your feelings or thoughts about sb/sth, rather than a fact
Syn: view
~ (about/of/on sb/sth) We were invited to give our opinions about how the work should be done.
I've recently changed my opinion of her.
Everyone had an opinion on the subject.
~ (that…) The chairman expressed the opinion that job losses were inevitable.
He has very strong political opinions.
In my opinion, it's a very sound investment.
• (formal)It is our opinion that he should resign.
If you want my opinion, I think you'd be crazy not to accept.
2. uncountable the beliefs or views of a group of people
legal/medical/political opinion (= the beliefs of people working in the legal, etc. profession)
There is a difference of opinion (= people disagree) as to the merits of the plan.
Opinion is divided (= people disagree) on the issue.
There is a wide body of opinion that supports this proposal.
Which is the better is a matter of opinion (= people have different opinions about it).
see also public opinion
3. countable advice from a professional person
They called in a psychologist to give an independent opinion.
I'd like a second opinion (= advice from another person) before I make a decision.
more at your considered opinion at consider
Idioms: have a good/bad/high/low opinion of somebody of the opinion that …

Word Origin:
Middle English: via Old French from Latin opinio(n-), from the stem of opinari ‘think, believe’.

opinion noun C, U
In my opinion he should resign.
view • • point of view • • belief • • idea • • feeling • • judgement • • point • • attitude • • stance • • position • • line • • conviction • |formal sentiment
sb's opinion/view/beliefs/ideas/feelings/judgement/point/conviction/sentiments about sb/sth
sb's opinion/view/ideas/feelings/stance/position/line on sb/sth
have a/an opinion/view/point of view/belief/idea/feeling/attitude/line/conviction
express your opinion/view/point of view/beliefs/ideas/feelings/conviction/sentiments

Language Bank:
according to
Reporting someone's opinion
Photography is, according to Vidal, the art form of untalented people.
For Vidal, photography is the art form of untalented people.
His view is that photography is not art but merely the mechanical reproduction of images.
Smith takes the view that photography is both an art and a science.
In Brown's view , photography should be treated as a legitimate art in its own right.
James is of the opinion that a good painter can always be a good photographer if he or she so decides.
Emerson believed that a photograph should only reflect what the human eye can see.
Language Banks at ↑argue, ↑opinion

Language Bank:
Giving your personal opinion
In my opinion , everyone should have some understanding of science.
Everyone should, in my opinion , have some understanding of science.
It seems to me that many people in this country have a poor understanding of science.
This is, in my view , the result of a failure of the scientific community to get its message across.
Another reason why so many people have such a poor understanding of science is, I believe , the lack of adequate funding for science in schools.
Smith argues that science is separate from culture. My own view is that science belongs with literature, art, philosophy and religion as an integral part of our culture.
In this writer's opinion , the more the public know about science, the less they will fear and distrust it.
Synonyms at ↑think
Language Banks at ↑according to, ↑argue, ↑impersonal, ↑nevertheless, ↑perhaps

Example Bank:
‘Miami is wonderful.’ ‘That's a matter of opinion.’
Contrary to popular opinion, many adult cats dislike milk.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all of Hitchcock's movies were great.
He asked me for my opinion of the course.
He has a very high opinion of your work.
He writes an opinion piece in the ‘New York Times’.
I don't share your opinion of his ability.
I don't trust her, if you want my honest opinion.
I formed the opinion that he was not to be trusted.
If in doubt about your diagnosis, get a second opinion.
If you want my honest opinion, I think the book is awful.
In my opinion, golf is a dull sport.
Opinion among doctors is that the medication is safe.
Opinions are mixed regarding genetically-modified food.
Opinions differ as to when this wine should be drunk.
Prevailing local opinion is against the new road proposals.
Public opinion is divided on the subject of capital punishment.
She holds strong opinions on education.
The bishop spoke without passing any opinion on the scandal.
The country's government appears disdainful of world opinion.
The meeting will give people the chance to voice their opinions on the matter.
This view is supported by a growing body of professional opinion.
a genuine difference of opinion between the experts
all shades of political opinion
attempts to shape public opinion
in the present climate of opinion
opinions as to the merits of the plan
‘I think she's great.’ ‘Well, that's a matter of opinion ’.
Everyone had a different opinion on the matter.
I didn't ask for your opinion!
I think you should keep your opinions to yourself.
I've recently changed my opinion of her.
If you want my opinion, I think you'd be crazy to accept the offer.
In my opinion it's a very sound investment.
It's our opinion that he should resign.
Medical opinion differs as to whether the condition has any psychological causes.
Opinion is divided about whether to join the new currency.
Public opinion is shifting in favour of change.
There is a difference of opinion as to the merits of the plan.
We try to represent all shades of opinion.
You can always ask for a second opinion if you're not sure.
You need to be able to distinguish between fact and opinion.

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