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gen·er·al·ly [generally] BrE [ˈdʒenrəli] NAmE [ˈdʒenrəli] adverb
1. by or to most people
The plan was generally welcomed.
It is now generally accepted that…
The new drug will be generally available from January.
He was a generally unpopular choice for captain.
2. in most cases
Syn: as a rule
I generally get up at six.
The male is generally larger with a shorter beak.
3. without discussing the details of sth
Let's talk just about investment generally.

Language Bank:
Ways of saying ‘in general’
Women generally earn less than men.
Generally speaking , jobs traditionally done by women are paid at a lower rate than those traditionally done by men.
In general / By and large , women do not earn as much as men.
Certain jobs, like nursing and cleaning, are still mainly carried out by women.
Senior management posts are predominantly held by men.
Most senior management posts tend to be held by men.
Women are, for the most part , still paid less than men.
Economic and social factors are, to a large extent , responsible for women being concentrated in low-paid jobs.
Language Banks at ↑conclusion, ↑except, ↑similarly

Example Bank:
Payments are generally made on an annual basis.
Repairs are occasionally needed but generally the machine is quite reliable.
The software will be generally available from January.
The symptoms of jet lag are generally worse after eastward flights.

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