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1 the whole world
2 different parts of the world
3 studying the world
the countryside COUNTRY
protecting the environment ENVIRONMENT
north, south, east, west DIRECTION

1 the whole world
- the planet where we live, and its surface: earth, the earth (also the Earth)
The moon goes round the earth, and the earth goes round the sun. life on earth
- the earth, including all the countries, people, etc: world (often the world)
Which is the largest city in the world? She's saving up to travel round the world. English is a world language.
- all over the world: worldwide (adjective, adverb)
Pollution is a worldwide problem. Scotch whisky is popular worldwide.
- affecting the whole world: global, universal
global warming universal trends
- everything that exists, including the earth, the planets, the stars, etc: the universe

2 different parts of the world
- latitude and longitude are measured in degrees
The equator is at 0※° (zero degrees) latitude.
- one of the main areas of land in the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, North/South America, Australia, the Antarctic): continent; adjective: continental
- one of the main areas of sea in the world (the Atlantic, the Pacific, etc): ocean
- a piece of land with water all around it: island
- the part of the world near the equator: the tropics (noun plural); adjective: tropical
I can't stand the cold - I'd much rather live in the tropics. tropical fruit the tropical rain forest
- connected with the area around the equator: equatorial
- connected with the North or South pole: polar
the polar regions a polar bear
- a part of the world where the time is the same: time zone
You'd better change your watch because we're entering a different time zone.
- a part of the world: world
the western world the English-speaking world America used to be known as the New World.
- the poorer countries of Africa, Asia, and South America: the Third World
- the countries of Western Europe, North America, etc: the West
- the countries of Asia: the East
the Far East (= countries such as China and Japan)
the Middle East (= the group of countries that are situated where Europe, Africa and Asia meet)
- the main part of Europe, not including the British Isles: the Continent; adjective: continental
We're thinking of going to the Continent. a continental holiday a continental breakfast

3 studying the world
- the study of the world, including its natural and man-made features (seas, mountains, countries, cities, etc): geography (noun U); adjective: geographical
geographical features on a map, such as hills, rivers and valleys
- a person who studies geography: geographer
- the study of the rocks, etc, which form the surface of the earth: geology (noun U); adjective: geological
- a person who studies geology: geologist
※—† pictures of the world
- a drawing or plan of the world or a part of the world: map
- a book of maps: atlas
- a model of the earth in the shape of a ball: globe
※ more on maps MAP

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