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the walls of a room ROOM
making a wall BUILD
- a solid, upright structure made of stone, brick, etc that forms one of the sides of a building or room, or is used to enclose or protect sth: wall
a garden wall the wall of the house a picture on the wall The land was divided into two by a low wall. the city walls
- material which is made of long pieces of metal twisted together, with spaces between them, which is used for fences, etc: wire-netting (noun U)
- a kind of wire which has sharp pointed spikes close together and which is used for fences and as an obstruction during a war: barbed wire (noun U)
a barbed wire fence
- to surround an area with a fence/wall: fence/wall sth (in); if you use a fence to keep a small area separate from the rest of the land, you fence the area off
The play area in the park has been fenced off to make it safer for young children.
- a line of metal bars that are joined to form a kind of fence: railing (usually plural)
We jumped over the railings and ran across the road.
- an empty space in sth or between two things: gap
The sheep got through a gap in the fence.
- a wooden step which you climb to get to the other side of a wall or fence in the countryside: stile

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