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parts and positions of things PLACE
- on or connected with the side of your body that faces east when you are facing north: right (noun, adjective); opposite: left (noun, adjective)
I've broken my right arm so I can't do my exams. She's lost her left shoe.
- on or of the right/left side of sth: right-hand/left-hand
The house is on the left-hand side of the street. Take the right-hand turning.
- in a direction to the right/left: (to the) right/left
Turn right at the crossroads. Could you move a little to the left?
- in a position to the right/left: on the right/left
Mine is the door on the right as you come out of the lift. to drive on the left
- a person who most often uses their right/left hand for writing, eating, etc is right-handed/left-handed
Are you left-handed? a left-handed tennis player
- the side of a ship which is on the right when you are facing towards the front: starboard; on the left: port

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