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1 paper
2 for wrapping
3 for cleaning
4 for writing and office work
5 unwanted paper
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1 paper
- a material that you use for wrapping things in, writing on and drawing on: paper (noun U)
The printer is out of paper. a paper bag a piece of paper
- a piece of paper for writing or printing on, usually in a standard size: sheet (of paper)
- without writing or printing on it: blank, clean
He gave us a blank sheet of paper and told us to draw a picture. Take a clean sheet of paper and start again.
- one of the two surfaces of a piece of paper: side
Write on both sides of the paper.
- a piece of paper which forms part of a book, magazine, etc: page
※ more on pages in books PAGE
- a small piece of paper: scrap
a scrap of paper
- a long, thin piece of paper: strip
- strong paper which does not bend easily: card (noun U)
- strong card used for making boxes, etc: cardboard (noun U)
※—† folding, tearing, etc
- to turn a piece of paper onto itself: fold sth; opposite: unfold sth
Fold the map carefully. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in two.
- to pull a piece of paper so that it comes apart: tear* sth
He tore the page out of the book and put it in his pocket.
- to become torn: tear*
Be careful! If you pull it, it'll tear.
- to pull sth made of paper into pieces: tear* sth up
She tore up his photo.
- to tear sth suddenly and violently into small pieces: rip sth up
I was so angry, I ripped the letter up and threw it in the bin.

2 for wrapping
- shiny paper that is used to cover chocolates, etc: silver paper (noun U)
- paper that is used for wrapping sth up in order to send it: brown paper (noun U)
- thin soft paper that is used for handkerchiefs, for wrapping things so that they will not break, etc: tissue (paper) (noun U)
- paper that is used to cover a present before you give it to sb: wrapping paper (noun U)
- a piece of paper which covers sth when you buy it: wrapper
a sweet wrapper
- to cover sth in paper in order to send it or to give it as a present: wrap sth (up) (in sth)
The present was wrapped in beautiful red shiny paper.
- to take the paper off sth: unwrap sth, undo* sth, open sth
Unwrap it carefully. 'Can I open my present now?' 'No, you have to wait until your birthday.'

3 for cleaning
- a soft thin piece of paper which you use as a handkerchief, then throw away: tissue
a box of tissues
- tissue paper that you use to clean yourself in a toilet: toilet paper (noun U); a roll of toilet-paper: toilet roll
- tissue paper that is used in a kitchen: kitchen paper (noun U); a roll of kitchen paper: kitchen roll

4 for writing and office work
- paper that is used for writing letters: writing paper (noun U), notepaper (noun U)
- a number of pieces of paper that are fastened together at one end: pad
a note pad a pad of writing paper
- a piece of paper containing important information: paper (usually plural), document
There's a big pile of papers on his desk. an important document
- work consisting of reading papers or writing information on paper: paperwork (noun U)
I have to do more and more paperwork these days.
- a set of papers relating to a person or subject: file
- to put a paper or papers in their correct place in a file: file sth away
I filed it away and forgot about it.
- the job of putting documents in files: filing (noun U)
I spent all afternoon doing the filing.
- an envelope or cover used for keeping papers together: folder, file
- a metal box with drawers used for keeping files in an office: filing cabinet
- a piece of paper on which you give information for official reasons: form
an application form for a driving-licence
- to write the necessary information on a form: fill sth in
How do I fill in the form/fill the form in?
※—† holding pieces of paper together
- a piece of wire used for attaching pieces of paper together: paper-clip; to attach pieces of paper with a paper-clip: clip sth together
I'll clip these together so we don't lose them.
- a small piece of wire that you push through pieces of paper with a special tool to hold them together: staple; to attach pieces of paper with a staple: staple sth (together)
Staple the pages of your essay together before you hand it in.
- the tool used for attaching pieces of paper with staples: stapler
- a very short piece of pointed metal with a round head, used for attaching paper to the wall or to a notice board: drawing pin (AmE thumbtack)
- a general term for paper, pens, pencils, etc: stationery (noun U)
- a person who sells paper and other writing materials: stationer
- a shop where you can buy stationery: stationer's

5 unwanted paper
- paper that is not wanted but that can be used again: scrap paper (noun U)
Have you got some scrap paper I could use to write a shopping list?
- paper that is not wanted and is to be thrown away: waste paper (noun U)
- to process waste paper so that it can be used again: recycle sth; adjective: recycled
This card is printed on recycled paper.
- a container in which you put paper, etc that you want to throw away: (rubbish) bin, waste-paper basket (AmE waste-basket, waste-bin)
'Do you want this letter?' 'No, put it in the bin please.'
- a bin which you find in the street: litter bin
- pieces of paper, etc which people have thrown away in a bin or on the street: litter (noun U)

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