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I - noun
someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime (Freq. 1)
criminal, felon, crook, malefactor
Derivationally related forms:
criminalize (for: criminal)
accessory, accessary, arsonist, incendiary, firebug,
blackmailer, extortioner, extortionist, bootlegger, moonshiner, briber,
suborner, conspirator, coconspirator, plotter, machinator, desperado,
desperate criminal, fugitive, fugitive from justice, gangster, mobster, highbinder,
highjacker, hijacker, hood, hoodlum, goon, punk,
thug, tough, toughie, strong-armer, jail bird, jailbird,
gaolbird, kidnapper, kidnaper, abductor, snatcher, mafioso,
moll, gun moll, gangster's moll, murderer, liquidator, manslayer,
probationer, parolee, pusher, drug peddler, peddler, drug dealer,
drug trafficker, racketeer, raper, rapist, recidivist, repeater,
habitual criminal, scofflaw, smuggler, runner, contrabandist, moon curser,
moon-curser, thief, stealer, traitor, treasonist, violator,
lawbreaker, law offender
Instance Hyponyms:
Bonney, William H. Bonney, Billie the Kid, James, Jesse James,
MacGregor, Robert MacGregor, Rob Roy

II - verb
declare illegal;
outlaw (Freq. 2)
- Marijuana is criminalized in the U.S.
criminalize, criminalise, illegalize, illegalise
decriminalise (for: criminalise), decriminalize (for: criminalize), legalize
Derivationally related forms:
crime (for: criminalise), outlawry
forbid, prohibit, interdict, proscribe, veto,
disallow, nix
ban, censor
Verb Frames:
- Somebody ----s something

III - adjective
1. contrary to or forbidden by law
- an illegitimate seizure of power
- illicit trade
- an outlaw strike
- unlawful measures
illegitimate, illicit, outlawed, unlawful
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
unlawfulness (for: unlawful), illicitness (for: illicit)
2. disobedient to or defiant of law
- lawless bands roaming the plains
Similar to:
Derivationally related forms:
lawlessness (for: lawless)

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