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organizing an event INTEND/PLAN
managing a company MANAGEMENT
- to put things in the particular way that you want them to be: organize sth, arrange sth
a well organized office The book has 20 chapters organized into four sections. We have arranged the room in the most practical way possible. She's very good at arranging flowers.
- a particular way of organizing or arranging sth: organization, arrangement
We were particularly impressed by the organization of the warehouse. Do you like the new arrangement in here?
- to change the way sth is arranged: reorganize (sth), rearrange sth; noun (U): reorganization
I'm going to reorganize the timetable for next week. Do we need to rearrange the furniture?
- a list, drawing or diagram that shows how sth is to be organized: plan
This is the plan for our new kitchen.
- when everything is in its right place, it is in order, tidy; to make sth tidy: tidy sth, (informal) sort sth out
It took me three hours to put all my papers in order. a tidy desk/bedroom We need to tidy the house before the guests arrive. I spent the afternoon sorting out the mess in the children's room.
※ more on making things tidy TIDY
- the way in which people or things have been arranged in relation to each other: order (noun U)
alphabetical order in order of size a list of dates in chronological order (= the order in which things happened)
- to put things into groups: sort sth (into sth)
Please sort these papers into the correct files.
- a set of rules or ideas for organizing sth: system; a thing that is done using a system is systematic
The Council have established a new system for recycling rubbish. We have a very complicated filing system in our office. a systematic approach to training
- the way that the parts of sth are put together or organized: structure; to give sth a particular structure: structure sth
the political structure of a country The course has been carefully structured to meet the students' needs.
- if you are good at organizing things and you can work well without making mistakes or wasting time or energy, you are efficient; noun (U): efficiency
a very efficient manager Our boss wants to improve the company's efficiency.
※—† not tidy or well organized
- the state of being untidy: mess, muddle
This room is in a mess. What a muddle! I can't find anything!
- a lack of order or organization: disorder (noun U), confusion (noun U)
His financial affairs are in complete disorder.
- not in good order: out of order
The book had fallen apart and all the pages were out of order.
- not in its proper place: out of place
She doesn't like anything to be out of place.
- something that is not well organized is disorganized, confused, untidy; if sth has no order or organized plan, it is haphazard
His filing system seems to be completely haphazard.
- a state of great disorder: chaos (noun U); in a state of chaos: chaotic
The accident has caused chaos on the motorway. a chaotic situation

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