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1. the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place (Freq. 1)
pilotage, piloting
Derivationally related forms:
pilot (for: piloting), pilot (for: pilotage), navigational, navigate
Members of this Topic:
bear down on, bear down upon, luff, point, weather,
boat, steamer, steam, yacht, sail, beat,
scud, rack, outpoint, tack, wear round, wear ship,
ferry, raft, barge
steering, guidance, direction
instrument flying, celestial navigation, astronavigation, dead reckoning
2. ship traffic
- the channel will be open to navigation as soon as the ice melts
Derivationally related forms:
navigational, navigate
transportation, shipping, transport
3. the work of a sailor
seafaring, sailing
Derivationally related forms:
Members of this Topic:
close-hauled, fore, aweigh, atrip, rigged,
unrigged, fore-and-aft, close to the wind, leg, tack, tacking,
accommodation ladder, becket, bilge well, bitter end, chip, deadeye,
escutcheon, Jacob's ladder, jack ladder, pilot ladder, lanyard, laniard,
lead line, sounding line, luff, overhead, ratline, ratlin,
rudder, sea ladder, sea steps, sheet, mainsheet, weather sheet,
shroud, spun yarn, stay, sternpost, stokehold, stokehole,
fireroom, towline, towrope, towing line, towing rope, capsizing,
beam-ends, bell, ship's bell, steerageway, stand out, starboard
employment, work
Part Meronyms:
steering, steerage

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