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1 moving and not moving
2 causing sth to move
3 directions of movement
4 ways of moving
ways of moving
coming and going COME/GO
the movement of water and other liquids WATER, LIQUID

1 moving and not moving
※—† moving
- to change position: move; noun (C/U): movement
Don't move - there's a bee on your arm. I think I saw something move behind the trees. The dancer's movements were smooth and beautifully controlled. During the night there was very little movement on the streets.
- a change of place or position: move
The children stood quietly, watching every move the gorilla made.
- the way that sth moves, or the fact that it is moving: motion (noun U)
The motion of the car sent the baby to sleep.
※—† not moving
- not moving: motionless, still, (used about cars, etc) stationary
to lie motionless Stand still! a stationary vehicle
※—† able to move
- something, especially a structure or part of a structure, that can be moved is movable
a movable screen
- designed so that it can be moved or carried easily: mobile, portable
a mobile phone a mobile home a portable television
- when sth is not firmly fixed and therefore is able to move, it is loose
a loose tooth The ropes on the lorry weren't tied properly and they came loose on the motorway.
※—† not likely to move or able to move
- a thing which is well fixed and not likely to move is secure, stable
Those new shelves don't look very secure to me. The ladder was not stable and the builder fell off.
- not moving or shaking: steady
You need a steady hand to take good photographs.
- to make sth steady: steady sth
He knocked the vase and it started to fall over, but he managed to steady it just in time.
- not moving or not able to move: immobile: to make it impossible for sth to move: immobilize sth
For several seconds the lioness stood immobile, sniffing the air. The thieves immobilized the car by stealing its wheels.
- to stop suddenly and not be able to move: freeze*
She heard steps coming up the stairs and froze.
- unable to move your body or part of it because of an accident or illness: paralysed (AmE paralyzed); noun (U): paralysis
She broke her back in the crash and became paralysed from the waist down.
- if sth becomes fixed in a particular position so that it cannot be moved, it sticks*, gets* stuck, jams, gets* jammed
This door keeps sticking and I have to use all my strength to open it. The car got stuck in the mud. The key turned halfway and then it jammed.
- (used mainly about clothes) to get stuck in sth: catch*
My coat caught in the car door.
- unable to move because you are in a difficult or dangerous situation: trapped
The climbers were trapped at the top of the mountain after the fog came down.

2 causing sth to move
- to change the position of sth: move sth, shift sth
Can you help me to move this table? I spent the afternoon shifting the furniture in my bedroom around.
- to start sth moving: put*/set* sth in motion
Jill pressed the button to set the machine in motion.
- to move sb/sth to a particular position: put* sb/sth somewhere, place sth somewhere
Could you put the boxes over there, please.
- to hold sb/sth in your hands, in your arms or on your back while you are moving from one place to another: carry sb/sth
- to move or try to move sb/sth towards you: pull sb/sth
- to move or try to move sb/sth away from you: push sb/sth
- to make sth move with a quick, sudden movement: flick sth; noun: flick
He flicked some ash off the end of his cigarette. The frog caught the fly with a flick of the tongue.
※ more on putting, carrying, pulling and pushing PUT, BRING/TAKE/CARRY, PULL/PUSH

3 directions of movement
- nearer to sb/sth: to, towards ※€¦
You move first to the left, then to the right. Okay, now walk towards me.
- away, showing the place where sth starts or started: from ※€¦
When do the children come home from school? A strange noise came from the next room.
- to a different place or in a different direction: away (from ※€¦)
Did you ever run away from home when you were a child? Go away!
- from one place to another and then back again: back and forth, to and fro
Every week I go back and forth between Cardiff and London. I spend all my time going to and fro between work and home.
- to a position in or inside sth: into ※€¦, in (※€¦)
Everyone cheered when she walked into the room. Do you want a lift? Get in!
- away from, or no longer in, a particular place: out (of ※€¦)
She refused to come out of her bedroom. I'll put the cat out.
- from one end or side of sth to another: through (※€¦)
I usually go through the park on my way home. The train's going through a tunnel.
- from one end of sth to or towards the other end: along (※€¦)
I love walking along the river in the early morning.
- from one side of sth to another: across (※€¦), over (※€¦)
We had to find a way of getting across the river. He climbed over the wall and ran away.
- from the top towards the bottom of sth: down (※€¦)
The boy came running down the hill. She stood at the bedroom window, looking down into the garden.
- from the bottom towards the top of sth: up (※€¦)
I walked up the stairs behind him. There's a good view from here. Why don't you climb up too?
- in front or to the side of sb/sth: by (※€¦), past (※€¦)
He drove straight by without stopping! They walked past the post office and went into the baker's.
- in a circle: round/around (※€¦)
Can you run round the block without stopping?
- to move further in a particular direction in order to make space for sb/sth else: move across/along/down/over/up
Could you move up please? We're all a bit squashed here.
- to move forward: (formal) advance, (formal) progress; noun (U): progress
The demonstrators began to advance towards the line of police. The heavy traffic meant we made very little progress.
- to move away from sth: (formal) retreat; noun: retreat
The burglar started to enter the house, but he retreated immediately when he heard a dog barking.
- to move back or away from sb/sth: draw* back/away (from ※€¦), back away (from ※€¦)
The crowd drew back to let the police through.

4 ways of moving
※—† quickly or easily
- to move somewhere quickly: speed*, fly*, rush
We sped round the corner. When I saw the time, I flew downstairs and jumped in a taxi. After work I rushed home to pick up my sports gear.
- to move very quickly and with a loud noise (usually used about a car, motor bike, plane, etc): zoom
The plane zoomed low overhead.
- to move suddenly and quickly in a certain direction: dart, shoot*
She darted into the office. Somebody shot past me. I couldn't see who it was. The pain shot down her arm.
- to move over a smooth surface: slide*; to make sth move in this way: slide* sth
She came sliding across the ice. The barman slid the bottle along the bar. a sliding door
- to move smoothly on wheels, or as if on wheels: roll
The car began to roll backwards down the hill.
- to move smoothly without noise or effort: glide
The skaters glided across the ice on the pond.
- able to move in a smooth and attractive way: graceful (adverb gracefully); noun (U): grace
a graceful dancer to walk gracefully
- able to move quickly and easily: agile; noun (U): agility
as agile as a cat
※—† slowly or with difficulty
- to move forward very slowly: crawl, creep*
The traffic was crawling along the road. We crept along at five miles an hour.
- to move forward, with difficulty, by pushing: push
Frank pushed his way through the crowd to get to the front. to push past sb
- to change direction suddenly, especially in a car: swerve
He swerved to avoid a lorry and ended up in a field.
- (used about a vehicle) to be out of control and move sideways across the road: skid; noun: skid
The car skidded on a patch of ice.
- to move suddenly in a particular direction, especially when out of control: lurch
The taxi driver let out the clutch and the car lurched forward.
- to move in an uneven way, for example when going over rough ground: bump
We bumped along the track to the cottage.
- to move forward with a sudden pull, push or other movement: jerk, jolt; adjective: jerky (adverb jerkily)
The lorry jolted down the bumpy road. jerky movements
- to make sb/sth move suddenly: jolt sb/sth; noun: jolt
The crash jolted all the passengers forward. The train stopped with a jolt.
※—† up and down
- to move upwards: go* up, rise* (up)
We watched the balloon rise up into the clouds.
- to move downwards: go* down, (formal) descend
The sun went down. Our plane descended through the clouds.
- to move downwards through water: sink*
The ship hit an iceberg and sank.
- to move up and down continuously (like a ball): bounce; to make sth move in this way: bounce sth
The ball bounced twice and then he kicked it. I love bouncing on the trampoline.
- to move in a lively way, usually up and down: dance
Emma was dancing up and down with excitement.
※—† from side to side or backwards and forwards
- (used about aeroplanes and ships) to move up and down or from side to side: pitch
The ship pitched and rolled in the rough sea.
- to move gently up and down or from side to side: wave; to make sth move in this way: wave sth
The long grass waved in the breeze. The children waved their flags and cheered.
- to move backwards and forwards or from side to side: rock; to make sb/sth move in this way: rock sth
She rocked her baby to sleep in its cradle.
- to move continuously and very quickly from side to side: vibrate
The sound is produced when the strings of the instrument vibrate.
- to move from side to side or up and down with short, quick movements: shake*; to make sb/sth move in this way: shake* sb/sth
The baby rabbits were shaking with fear. Sheila shook her mother to wake her up. Shake the bottle before drinking.
- a slight shaking or trembling movement: tremor
- to move about with short, quick movements, especially from side to side: wriggle; to move a part of your body in this way: wriggle sth; a wriggling movement: wriggle
Shaun wriggled out of his sleeping bag. She wriggled her toes.
- to move from side to side in an unsteady way: wobble; adjective: wobbly
Put something under the table leg. It's wobbling. wobbly jelly
- to move backwards and forwards or from side to side, while hanging from sth: swing
The monkey was swinging from branch to branch.
- to move or swing slowly from side to side: sway, roll
The dancers were swaying in time to the music. The ship was rolling in the storm.
※—† round and round
- to move round in a circle, especially in the air: circle (sb/sth)
The birds were circling overhead. We circled the town centre three times before we found a place to park.
- (used about liquids, the air, etc) to move round and round continuously: circulate
Blood circulates round the body. Leave a gap between the heater and the wall to allow the air to circulate freely.
- to move round very quickly: whirl; to make sth move in this way: whirl sth
The people whirled round and round on the merry-go-round.
- to move round and round: swirl; to make sth move in this way: swirl sth
Her long skirt swirled around her ankles as she danced.
- to move by turning over and over: roll; to make sth move in this way: roll sth
He dropped the ball and it rolled into the road. They were trying to roll the log up the path.
※—† nervously
- to move about or keep moving sth in a restless way: fidget (about) (with sth)
Stop fidgeting and sit still.
- to shake because you are cold, frightened, etc: tremble, shiver
He was trembling with fear. Her hand was trembling as she picked up the pen to sign. You're shivering. Shall I shut the window?
※—† caused by wind or water
- when the wind moves, it blows*; when it causes sth to move, it blows* sth
The wind was blowing gently through the trees. The yacht was blown far out to sea.
- to move up and down or from side to side quickly and lightly: flutter; to make sth do this: flutter sth
A leaf fluttered to the ground. The bird fluttered its wings and tried to fly.
- to be moved or carried along by wind or water: drift
The boat drifted out to sea.

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