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see also FACE
- the part of your face that you use for eating and speaking: mouth
- concerning or using the mouth: oral (adverb orally)
oral hygiene medicine to be taken orally
- one of the two soft red or brown parts above and below your mouth: lip
the upper/lower lip to kiss somebody on the lips
- the soft part inside your mouth that you can move: tongue
- one of the hard white parts inside your mouth that you use for eating: tooth (plural teeth)
- either of the bones in your head that contain your teeth: jaw
- the back part of your mouth and the passage down your neck through which air and food pass: throat
※ teeth TOOTH
※—† actions involving the mouth
※ eating and drinking EAT, DRINK
- the liquid that is produced in the mouth: saliva (noun U), (informal) spit (noun U); to produce saliva: (formal) salivate
to salivate at the sight of food
- to have liquid coming out of your mouth: dribble
Babies can't help dribbling.
- to send liquid or food out from your mouth: spit* (sth out)
People usually think it is rude to spit in public. He spat out the wine.
- to move your tongue across sth: lick sth; noun: lick
to lick a stamp to give sth a lick
- to take a liquid into your mouth by making your lips into a round shape and pulling your cheeks in: suck sth
a baby sucking a bottle
- to send air, etc out of your mouth: blow* sth
I had to blow into a kind of tube.
- to press your lips against sb else's lips or cheek, as a way of showing them that you love them, or as a way of saying hello or goodbye: kiss (sb); noun: kiss
to give sb a kiss
- to open your mouth wide and breathe in deeply, especially when you are tired or bored: yawn; noun: yawn
I kept yawning all through the lecture.
※—† MORE ...
- a piece of cloth, etc that is put over a person's mouth to stop them talking: gag; to put this over sb's mouth: gag sb
The robbers tied him up and gagged him before starting to search the house.

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