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1 looking in different directions
2 looking quickly, carefully, secretly, etc
3 looking at sth happening
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1 looking in different directions
- to turn your eyes in a particular direction in order to see sb/sth: look (at sb/sth), take*/have a look (at sb/sth)
Pay attention everyone! Look at this! Look over there and tell me what you can see. Don't look! Why are you looking at me like that? Look both ways carefully before you cross the road. Take a look at this! That's unusual - can I have a look?
- to look outside when you are in a room, etc: look out (of sth)
to look out of a window
- to turn your head in order to look at sb/sth: look round
She heard footsteps behind her but did not look round.
- to look behind you: look back
We looked back several times, but couldn't see anyone following us.
- to lower your eyes to look at sth: look down
Keep climbing and don't look down!
- to raise your eyes to look at sth: look up
He looked up as I came into the room.
- to look in a particular direction: look towards sb/sth
She was looking towards me across the crowded room.
- to stop looking at sb/sth: look away (from sb/sth)
You might miss something if you look away, even for a moment.
- to look inside sth: look into sth
He looked into the box and saw something move.
- to look at a mirror, a person's eyes, etc: look into sth
If you look into the lake, you'll see your own face. She looked into his eyes and knew that he was lying.
- to look at all the different parts, rooms, etc of a building: look round sth
Would you like to look round the house by yourselves?

2 looking quickly, carefully, secretly, etc
※—† looking for a long time
- to look at a thing or person continuously for a long time: stare (at sb/sth)
It's rude to stare. She stared at him in surprise.
- to stare angrily: glare (at sb/sth)
She glared at me and I realized my mistake.
- to look steadily at sb/sth for a long time: gaze (at sb/sth)
She sat and gazed into the distance for a while.
※—† looking quickly
- to take a quick look: glance (at sb/sth); noun: glance
She glanced in the mirror as she walked past. I only had time for a quick glance at your essay.
- to look at sth quickly to get a general idea of what it is like: look sth over
Have you looked over my report yet? The boss wants to look the accounts over next week.
※—† looking carefully
- to look carefully at sb/sth: look hard (at sb/sth)
She looked at him hard and wondered if she could trust him.
- to look at every detail of sth: scrutinize sth; noun: scrutiny
The guard scrutinized our passports.
- to look at sth, usually a text, a picture or sb's face, very carefully: study sth
Study the instructions carefully before you begin to work.
- to look carefully at sb/sth in order to find sth out: examine sb/sth, inspect sth
The police are examining security videos to try to identify the criminal. You should inspect the engine before you buy a car.
- to look closely at sb/sth because you cannot see them/it very well: peer (at sb/sth)
He peered at the photograph until he found his father's face.
※—† looking secretly
- to look at sth quickly and secretly: peep (at sth), have/take* a peep (at sth), (informal) sneak a look (at sth)
She couldn't resist peeping inside the box. I sneaked a look at the letter as it lay open on the breakfast table.
- to look around secretly and without permission in order to find out information: snoop around
The police caught him snooping around the back door of the bank.
※—† looking in order to check that sth is all right
- to look at sth in order to check that what you think or have been told about it is true: see* (sth) for yourself, check (up) (on sth)
If you don't believe me, then come and see for yourself. I looked into the bedroom to check on what the children were doing.

3 looking at sth happening
- to look at a person doing sth or at sth happening: watch sb/sth
Watch me! She watched how to do it. I watched him cross the street.
- to look at programmes on television: watch television
- to look at or watch a film, play, etc: see* sth
Have you seen 'Gone with the Wind'? Did you see the game between Arsenal and Juventus?
- to watch sb/sth carefully: observe sb/sth; the act of observing: observation (noun U)
to observe an animal in its natural surroundings The police have had him under observation for some time.
- a person who watches sth: observer
an observer of animal behaviour
- the people who watch a play, a concert, a speech or the television, etc: audience
The audience clapped and cheered.
- a person who watches a sport: spectator
The spectators were asked to stand well back from the road.
- a person who watches sth happening near them without taking part in it: onlooker; to do this: look on
The crowd of onlookers were horrified by what had happened. People stood around looking on as the prisoners were put in the van.
- a person who watches out for danger: lookout; to do this: look out, keep* a lookout (for sb/sth)
He had to look out for anyone coming along the street, while the others emptied the shop window.
※ more on audiences AUDIENCE

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