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1 marks on a surface
2 people and things in lines

1 marks on a surface
- a long thin mark on the surface of sth: line
to draw a line a dotted line
- something which is marked with lines is lined
lined paper His face was heavily lined.
- a straight piece of wood or plastic used for measuring or drawing straight lines: ruler
- to draw a line under a word: underline sth
Underline the most important words.
※ drawing DRAW
- a straight line
Please sign on the dotted line.
※ things that are straight STRAIGHT
※—† lines which go round something
- the distance round the edge of a shape; the outside edge of sth, for example the boundary of a piece of land: perimeter
the perimeter of a rectangle a perimeter fence
- a line that shows the shape or outside edge of sth: outline
She drew the outline of a horse and then coloured her picture in.
※ the distance round a circle CIRCLE
※—† the position of lines
- the space between two lines or surfaces that meet, measured in degrees: angle
an angle of 45 degrees (45※° ) a right angle (= an angle of 90※°)
※ more on angles ANGLE

2 people and things in lines
- a single row of writing on a page: line
to start a new line a line of a poem
- people waiting for sth, one behind the other: queue, (especially AmE) line
a bus queue There was a long line of people waiting for the exhibition.
- people or things arranged in a line: line, row
children standing in a line a long line/row of houses a row of books/desks/seats
- to stand in a row with other people: line up; to put things in a line: line sth up
The children lined up behind their teacher.
- when people move in a line, one behind the other, they walk in single file

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