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- to move sth to a higher position: lift sth (up), raise sth
The baby lifted up her head to look at her mother. to raise a flag to raise your hand
- to take hold of sth and lift it up: pick sth up
I picked up my bag and rushed out to the bus stop. Could you children pick your clothes up, please.
- to take hold of sb/sth and move them/it to a different position: lift sb/sth
It needed three men to lift the new fridge up the stairs. Can you lift my bag down from the luggage rack, please?
- to hold sb/sth in your hands or arms or on your back while you are moving from one place to another: carry sb/sth
We had to carry our suitcases up five flights of stairs.
※—† some machines which lift things
- a large machine with a long metal arm that is used for moving or lifting heavy objects: crane
- a piece of equipment used for lifting a car, etc off the ground so that you can change a wheel, repair the car, etc: jack; to lift a car by using a jack: jack sth up
- a bar or tool that is used to lift or open sth when you put pressure on one end: lever
- a machine in a large building that is used for carrying people or things from one floor to another: lift (AmE elevator)
- a device for pulling or carrying skiers up a slope, etc: ski lift

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