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1 areas of land
2 high and low land
3 what grows on the land
4 owning land and building on land
different parts of the world
the surface of the land GROUND
using land for farming FARM

1 areas of land
- the surface of the earth, where it is not covered with water: land (noun U)
Is it quicker by sea or by land? The land is very fertile around here. a piece of land
- a piece of land: area (of land); a large area of land: expanse (of land)
a wide area of unspoilt countryside a vast expanse of open grassland
- an area that has a particular feature or is of a particular type: district; an area larger than a district: region
a rural district a mountainous region
- an area of land with its own people, government, etc: country, (formal) land
We come from different countries. my native land
- an area that belongs to a particular country or ruler: territory
enemy territory
※ more on countries COUNTRY
- one of the main areas of land in the world (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc): continent; adjective: continental
- a piece of land with water all around it: island
- the main part of a country or continent, not including the islands around it: mainland (noun singular); adjective (only before a noun): mainland
We managed to catch the last boat back to the mainland. mainland Britain
- a piece of land that is almost surrounded by water: peninsula
the Iberian peninsula (= Spain and Portugal)
- a piece of land that sticks out into the sea: cape
sail round Cape Horn
- the land beside or near the sea: coast; adjective: coastal; the shape of the coast: coastline
It's a small town on the east coast. a rocky coastline
- away from the coast: inland
a few miles inland
※ more on land near the sea SEA
- land that is away from towns and cities, usually with fields, trees, etc: country (often the country)(noun U), countryside (often the countryside)(noun U)
How do you like living in the country? enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside
※ more on the countryside COUNTRY
- the size of a piece of land: area
What's the total area of Scotland?
- units for measuring the area of a piece of land: hectare, acre; units for measuring very large areas: square kilometre, square mile
a ten-hectare farm The total area of Scotland is just over 30 000 square miles.
※ more on measuring area SIZE

2 high and low land
- an area of land where there are a lot of hills is hilly
- an area where there are a lot of mountains is mountainous
- a space between hills or mountains, often with a river running down it: valley
※ more on hills and mountains HILL/MOUNTAIN
- land which is not hilly is flat
- a large area of flat land: plain
the great plains of the American Midwest
- an area of high, flat land: plateau
- the measurement of the height of a piece of land above the level of the sea: altitude
Our farm was at an altitude of over 6 000 feet.
- the average level of the sea, used to measure altitude: sea level
a thousand metres above sea level
- a line on a map which joins together places with the same altitude: contour
study the contour lines on a map to see how steep the hill is

3 what grows on the land
- when land is good for farming and growing plants, etc, it is rich, fertile; opposites: poor, infertile
- all the plants, trees, etc which are found in a particular place: vegetation (noun U)
dense tropical vegetation
- the bushes and plants which grow around and under trees: undergrowth (noun U)
- an area that is covered with trees: wood (often plural), woodland (noun U); adjective: wooded
a walk in the woods a wooded area
- a large wood: forest (noun C/U)
- an area of thick forest in a hot tropical country: jungle (noun C/U)
- a large area of wild uncultivated land: bush (often the bush)(noun U)
- a large area of land which is covered with grass: grassland (noun U), grasslands (noun plural)
- a wild open area of high land that is covered with grass: moor (often plural), moorland (noun U/C)
- a large area of flat, open grassland (especially in North America): prairie
- an area of land (especially in a town) which is not used for anything: wasteland (noun U/C)
- a large area of land, usually covered with sand, with very little water and very few plants: desert (noun C/U)
- a green area in a desert where there is water and plants can grow: oasis

4 owning land and building on land
- an area of land that belongs to a particular person, company, etc: land (noun U)
The house is being sold with 30 acres of land. We're looking for a piece of land to build on.
- a large area of land that belongs to one person or family: estate
- a person who owns an area of land: landowner
- a person who buys and sells land for other people: estate agent
- a small area of land to be bought or sold: plot
We've just bought a small plot of land for our new house.
- the place where a building, town, etc was, is or will be situated: site
the site of the new museum
- an area of land which has buildings on it is built-up
a built-up area
※ building on land BUILD
※—† MORE ...
- to go onto sb's land without permission: trespass (on sth)
- a person who trespasses: trespasser
The notice says 'Trespassers will be prosecuted' (= brought to a court of law).

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