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see also ATHLETICS
- to move quickly off the ground by pushing yourself up with your legs and feet: jump; noun: jump; to make a big jump: leap*; noun: leap
A frog jumped out of the water and onto a lily leaf. When she heard the news, she leapt into the air and shrieked with excitement.
- to jump or move quickly: spring
When he heard the alarm, Ray sprang out of bed.
- to jump on one leg: hop; noun: hop
- to move along quickly and lightly with little jumps and steps: skip; noun: skip
- to jump up and down: bounce
Stop bouncing on the bed.
- to roll right over with your feet going over your head: somersault; noun: somersault
to do a forward/backward somersault
- to get over sth by jumping: jump (over) sth, leap* over sth
The horse jumped the gate and ran off down the lane.
- to jump over or onto sth in one movement, using your hands or a pole to help you: vault (over) sth
to vault over a wall
- to jump over a rope that you or two other people hold at each end, turning it round and round over your head and under your feet: skip; noun (U): skipping
- the rope used in skipping: skipping rope
- a piece of equipment for jumping up and down on, made of a piece of strong material attached to a metal frame by springs: trampoline; the sport of using a trampoline: trampolining (noun U)
- the sport of jumping off a high place with a long rope (which can stretch) tied around you: bungee jumping (noun U)
- to jump into water with your head first: dive
- a piece of strong cloth that is tied to sb and that lets them fall slowly to the ground when they jump from an aeroplane: parachute; to use a parachute: parachute
Pull this cord to make the parachute open. The pilot parachuted to safety.

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