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1 becoming more
2 becoming less
getting bigger/smaller in size BIG/SMALL
changes in the price of sth PRICE

1 becoming more
- to become more in quantity, importance, etc: go* up, increase, rise*, grow*, (informal) be on the increase
The number of students has gone up/increased over the last year. Her work has increased in importance. Prices have risen again. The number of people with jobs has grown over the last two months. The power of the tabloid press continues to grow. Crime is on the increase.
- to cause sth to become more: increase sth, raise sth
ways to increase food production They have promised not to raise taxes this year.
- a situation in which sth increases: increase (in sth) (noun C/U), rise (in sth), growth (in sth) (noun C/U)
a pay increase a sudden/sharp increase in the number of burglaries in this area a pay rise a steady rise in the number of cases of stomach cancer economic growth
- becoming more: increasing, rising, growing
An increasing number of people are buying their own homes. rising taxes growing prosperity
- more (and continuing to become more): more and more
More and more people are cycling to work.
- (used about the range or degree of sth) to become more and continue to become more: become*/get* more and more
People are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues.
- to become two/three times as much or as many: double/treble; to make sth two/three times as much or as many: double/treble sth
Those plants seem to have doubled in size since I last saw them. They've doubled the number of jobs over the past year.
- to make sth the largest possible amount: maximize sth
We've maximized our profits this year.
※—† increasing slowly
- to gradually become more: build* up, pile up, mount up; noun: build-up (of sth)
These problems have been gradually building up over the last few years. My work has been piling up over the last few weeks. We don't spend very much but it all mounts up. a gradual build-up of tension
- to cause sth to gradually become more: build* sth up
I'm gradually building up my collection of books.
※—† increasing quickly
- to increase very quickly: shoot* up, leap* up, jump; noun: jump (in sth)
University enrolments have shot up in the last ten years. a huge jump in the number of tourists
- a sudden increase in (mainly economic) value or activity: boom
a boom in sales the property boom of the 1980s
※—† adding sth
- to put sth together with sth else so that you increase the quantity, value, etc: add sth (to sth)
Can you add this to my bill?
- a thing which is added: extra, addition; adjectives: extra, additional
I bought all the food on the list, plus a few extras just in case. This dress will make a nice addition to my wardrobe. additional costs
- to add sth to sth to make it more or complete: supplement sth (by/with sth); a thing that is added to sth to make it complete: supplement; adjective: supplementary
I have to supplement my income by working extra hours. vitamin supplements to improve your diet a supplementary charge

2 becoming less
- to become less in quantity, importance, etc: go* down, decrease, shrink*, (formal) decline
Air pollution has decreased/gone down by 10%. The number of workers in the steel industry is decreasing. Their share in the market has shrunk recently. His influence in public affairs has declined.
- to cause sth to become less: reduce sth, decrease sth
Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease. to reduce/decrease sth in size
- to slowly become less strong, less important, etc: lessen
The floods have not lessened; they've got worse.
- to have less of sth: lose* sth; noun: loss
She seems to have lost interest in food recently. to lose business/sales Have you lost weight? The company made huge losses last year.
- to use less of sth: cut* down on sth
I'm cutting down on cigarettes.
- to reduce sth by half: halve sth
to halve the price of sth
- to make sth the smallest or lowest amount possible: minimize sth
an attempt to minimize costs
- a situation in which sth decreases: decrease (in sth) (noun C/U), reduction (in sth) (noun C/U), (formal) decline (in sth) (noun C/U)
a decrease in size a small reduction in price There has been a decline in the number of young people starting to smoke. a sharp/gradual decline in sales
- becoming less: decreasing, declining
the decreasing number of people who smoke the rapidly declining birth rate declining standards
- less (and continuing to become less): (with uncountable nouns) less and less, (with countable nouns) fewer and fewer
We're finding less and less gold each year. Each year, fewer and fewer people are going to classical concerts.
- (used about the range and degree of sth) to become less and continue to become less: become*/get* less and less
Smoking is becoming less and less acceptable.
※—† decreasing quickly
- (used about prices, trade, etc) to decrease quickly: slump, collapse; nouns: slump, collapse
Share prices have collapsed. a slump in the housing market
※—† decreasing slowly
- to decrease slowly over a period of time: drop off
The number of people leaving school at sixteen has dropped off over the past year.
- (used especially about pain, noise, activity, etc) to decrease slowly: die down, ease (off)
The traffic dies down once the rush hour is over. The work gradually eased off towards the end of the day. The pain is easing off a bit.

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