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see also other parts of the body ※‡’ BODY
- the top part of your body above the neck: head
- the bones of the head: skull
- the hairs that grow in a mass on top of your head: hair (noun U)
- the skin on the top of your head that is under the hair: scalp
- the part of your body inside your head that controls your thoughts, feelings and movements: brain
- the front part of your head: face
※ more on hair HAIR
- parts of the face FACE, EAR, EYE, MOUTH, NOSE
※—† movements
- to move your head down and then up again quickly as a way of saying 'yes' or as a greeting or a sign: nod (your head); noun: nod
She nodded in agreement. He gave a nod of approval.
- to move your head from side to side as a way of saying 'no': shake* your head
She shook her head sadly.
- to push your head further out than sth else: stick* your head out
Don't stick your head out of the window.
※—† pain and injury
- a pain in your head: headache
- a very bad headache that makes you feel ill: migraine (noun C/U)
to suffer from migraine
- an injury to the brain caused by sth hitting the head: concussion (noun U); verb: concuss sb
He was rushed to hospital suffering from concussion. The fall left her badly concussed.
※ note on headaches and other aches PAIN
※—† coverings for the head
- something that you wear on your head, usually when you are outside: hat
Put your hat on.
- a hard hat which you wear to protect your head: helmet
a policeman's helmet
- a type of helmet worn by motor cyclists, racing drivers, etc: crash helmet
※ more on hats HAT
- a square of cotton or silk material, with designs on it, that you wear round your neck or on your head: headscarf, scarf
- a large piece of cloth, made of wool, etc that is worn over the head and shoulders by women: shawl
- a piece of thin material that women wear to cover their head or face: veil
- a covering for the head, made by wrapping a long strip of cloth around the head: turban
- a type of head covering that is worn for decoration, especially as part of a national costume: headdress
- if you are not wearing a hat or other head covering, you are bareheaded

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