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1 some common kinds of gas
2 gas for heating your house and cooking
other fuels

1 some common kinds of gas
- a substance that is like air (not solid or liquid): gas (noun C/U)
- a gas which is part of the atmosphere and which you breathe out: carbon dioxide (CO2) (noun U)
- a gas which is essential for plant and animal life: oxygen (O2) (noun U)
- a gas which combines with oxygen to make water: hydrogen (H2) (noun U)
- a poisonous gas which is produced when certain things are burned, for example when a car burns petrol: carbon monoxide (CO) (noun U)
- a gas that forms most of the atmosphere: nitrogen (N2) (noun U)

2 gas for heating your house and cooking
- a gas or a mixture of gases that is used for heating, cooking, etc: gas (noun U)
a gas cooker/fire gas central heating
- gas that comes from under the ground or under the sea: natural gas (noun U)
- if you want to use the gas for cooking, you turn on the gas
I turned on the gas to make some coffee.
- when you finish using the gas you turn off the gas
Turn off the gas/turn the gas off before you go out.
- the object which measures how much gas you have used: gas meter
- a person who comes to check how much gas you have used: meter reader
- the piece of paper which tells you how much money you have to pay for the gas you have used: gas bill
- a company which supplies gas: gas company
- when the gas company decides to stop the supply of gas, they cut* off the gas
If you don't pay your gas bill, the gas company will cut off your gas supply.
- a place where gas is made or processed: gasworks (plural gasworks)
- a tube which carries gas into or through your house: gas pipe
- a small container for gas which you keep inside the home, for cooking: gas cylinder
- if gas escapes into the air, there is a gas leak

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