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1 development
2 lack of development
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1 development
- to grow slowly or change into sth else: develop (from sth) (into sth); noun (U): development
We have developed from a small firm into a large multinational company. the development of tourism
- to develop naturally and gradually: (formal) evolve; noun (U): evolution
His ideas on adult education evolved over a very long period. the evolution of man
- to become sth: grow* (from sth) (into sth); noun (U): growth
to grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly
- to develop and improve: progress, come* along; noun (U): progress
'How's your work going?' 'It's progressing slowly.' The project's coming along quite well now. I've not been able to make much progress with my work today. social progress
- a change which speeds up the development of sth: a step forward
a big step forward in the search for a cure for cancer
- to cause sth to develop: develop sth; adjective: developed
Start by stating your opinion, then develop your argument. a fully developed plan
- fully developed (either emotionally or physically): mature; noun (U): maturity
She's very mature for her age.
- highly developed: advanced
advanced technology an economically advanced country
- to develop sth so that it becomes bigger in size, number or importance: build* sth up
We're trying to build up our workforce.
- to use sth as a base on which to develop ideas, etc: build* on sth
Teachers should build on the knowledge that their students already have.
※—† stages in development
- the original idea, plan, etc from which sth develops: basis (plural bases)
a good basis for further development
- a period in the development of sth: stage, step, phase
The first stage of development is when the child recognizes its mother's face. an important step in the transition to a full market economy We're now moving into the last phase of our plan.
- an important development in sth: breakthrough
a major breakthrough in cancer research

2 lack of development
- not developed: undeveloped
undeveloped ideas
- below what is normal in development: underdeveloped
The children were severely underdeveloped due to a lack of food.
- very simple and not developed: primitive
the history of primitive man The facilities were very primitive - there were no showers or baths.
- (used about countries and areas) poor and with little industry: underdeveloped; opposite: developed
a shift of resources from developed to underdeveloped countries
- the state of being underdeveloped: underdevelopment
problems of undervelopment
- trying to have more industry and a more advanced economic system: developing
the developing nations
- slow to learn or develop: backward
a backward child who took a long time to learn to walk and talk
- not yet fully developed (either emotionally or physically): immature; noun (U): immaturity
He's too immature to get married - I think they should both wait until they're older.
- to fail to develop or to make sth develop: make* no progress, not get* anywhere (with sth)
We soon saw that we were making no progress so we decided to change our approach. I'm getting absolutely nowhere in this job!
- to stop sth from developing for a time: set* sb/sth back; noun: setback
The computer failure has really set us back - we won't be finished until next week now. Their plans suffered a setback.

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