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1 today, tomorrow, etc
2 times of day
3 special days
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1 today, tomorrow, etc
- a period of 24 hours: day
It took me three days to get to Adelaide. a ten-day holiday I'll be back in a day or two.
※ days of the week WEEK
- this day: today
- the day before this day: yesterday
yesterday morning
- the day after this day: tomorrow
tomorrow evening
- two days ago: the day before yesterday
- two days after today: the day after tomorrow
- three, four, etc days after today: in three, four, etc days' time, three, four, etc days from now
- three, four, etc days before today: three, four, etc days ago
- a few days ago: the other day
I saw Mary in town the other day.
- done or happening every day: daily (adjective, adverb)
a daily routine The equipment is checked daily.
- to emphasize that sth is happening every day over a period of time, you can say day by day
She's getting stronger day by day.

2 times of day
- the time when most people are awake: day
During the day, he worked as a bank clerk. At night, he painted. I like to begin my day with a good breakfast. Winter was approaching. The days were getting shorter.
- the part of the day when it is light: daytime (noun U)
Come and see my new house in the daytime so you can get a good look at the garden as well. a daytime TV programme
- the time when it is dark and people usually sleep: night (noun C/U)
- the part of the day when it is dark: night-time (noun U)
I don't like going out at night-time.
※ more on night NIGHT
- the beginning of the day: dawn (noun C/U), daybreak (noun U), sunrise (noun U)
We got up at dawn. at the crack of dawn (= very early in the morning)
It was not yet daybreak when the crowds started gathering outside the stadium.
- the first part of the day until about 12 o'clock: morning
I'll see you in the morning. During the morning I write, but in the afternoon I like to go walking in the woods.
- the middle part of the day, around 12 o'clock: noon (noun U), midday (noun U)
at noon after midday
- the part of the day between noon and about 5 pm: afternoon
- the part of the day after 5 pm and before you go to bed: evening
I'll phone this evening.
- the end of the day when the light begins to disappear: dusk (noun U), sunset (noun C/U)
- the middle of the night at 12 o'clock: midnight (noun U)
Note: you say in/during the morning, afternoon, evening, daytime; but at dawn, noon, midnight, night-time; you can say in/during the night or at night.
- to emphasize the whole day, you can say the whole day long, the whole day through, all day long
I've been studying for my exams all day long.

3 special days
- the day in each year which has the same date as the day you were born: birthday
- 14th February: St Valentine's Day
- 25th December: Christmas Day
- the day to celebrate all mothers/fathers: Mother's/Father's Day
- the day before a special day or an important event: eve
Christmas Eve New Year's Eve on the eve of the election (= just before the election)
- a day of rest from work or school: holiday
※ more on holidays HOLIDAY

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