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see also CRITICISM
- to say that you are not happy with sth: complain (about sth); noun (C/U): complaint
Why don't you complain to the waiter? a long list of complaints I wish to make a complaint! a letter of complaint
- something that you think is unfair and that you want to complain or protest about: grievance
The meeting will give us all a chance to discuss our grievances.
- in order to make a complaint, you speak*/talk to sb (about sth), report sth (to sb), report sb (for sth)
This is totally unacceptable. I'm going to speak to the head teacher about it. This should be reported to the director. I'll have to report you for being late.
- to keep saying what is wrong about sth: moan (about sth), grumble (about sth), have a moan/grumble (about sth)
He never stops grumbling. They're having a good moan about the boss.
- to complain about sth continuously in an annoying way: (informal) nag (sb) (about sth), (informal) go* on (at sb) (about sth)
Do stop nagging! There's no need to go on about it!
- to say or show in a serious way that you think sth is not right or fair: protest (about/against/at sth), speak* out (against sth)
They're protesting about the cut in student grants. I felt I had to speak out against the decision.
- an act of protesting: protest (noun C/U)
We've received hundreds of protests. a letter of protest He resigned from the Cabinet in protest against the decision to raise taxes.
- an angry public protest against sth: storm of protest, outcry (against/over sth)
The decision has raised a storm of protest from local residents. a public outcry
- to feel or say that you do not like or agree with sth: object (to sth); noun (C/U): objection
Most people object to the new tax. We have a number of objections to the plan. They went ahead in spite of our objections.
- a person who objects to sth: objector
※—† organized protests
- an organized public protest: demonstration
Thousands of people took part in demonstrations.
- to take part in a demonstration: demonstrate (against sb/sth or in favour of sb/sth)
They're demonstrating against the government.
- a person who takes part in a demonstration: protester, demonstrator
Several protesters were arrested when fighting broke out.
- without fighting: peaceful
It started out as a peaceful demonstration, but soon developed into a full-scale riot (= fighting) .
- a public political meeting: rally
to organize a peace rally
- an organized walk by a large group of people who are protesting: (protest) march
a peace march
- to take part in a protest march: march
We're going to march to Downing Street and hand over a letter to the Prime Minister.
- a person who takes part in a protest march: marcher
- to stop working as a protest: strike*, go* on strike; noun: strike
They've decided to strike for better conditions. Teachers are staging a one-day strike.
※ more on strikes EMPLOYMENT
※—† MORE ...
- words often shouted by demonstrators to protest against sth: down with sb/sth, no more sth
Down with arms sales! No more war!
- a large notice that is sometimes carried in a demonstration: placard
- refusing to obey certain laws or regulations as a means of protesting against sth: civil disobedience (noun U)
a campaign of civil disobedience

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