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- to move towards the top of sth: climb (sth), go* up sth, (formal) ascend (sth); nouns: climb, (formal) ascent
to climb a tree/mountain There is a long and difficult climb before you get to the next village. the first ascent of Mount Everest
- towards the top of a hill: uphill (adjective, adverb)
a steep uphill climb
- to go or come down sth: climb down (sth), go* down sth, (formal) descend (sth); noun: descent
He had difficulty in climbing down the tree. She went down the stairs carefully. We began our descent from the summit at six o'clock.
- towards the bottom of a hill: downhill (adjective, adverb)
to run downhill
- to manage to go over to the other side of a wall, gate, etc: climb over sth
I climbed over the gate and ran across the field.
- to climb with difficulty, using both your hands and feet: clamber
We clambered up to the top of the hill.
※—† climbing as a sport
- the sport of climbing hills or mountains: climbing (noun U); to do this sport: go* climbing; a person who climbs as a sport: climber
I went climbing in the Himalayas last summer. a rock-climber
- the sport of climbing mountains: mountaineering (noun U); a person who climbs mountains: mountaineer, mountain climber
- the sport of climbing rocks and mountains with ropes, etc: rock-climbing (noun U)
- walking in the hills: hillwalking (noun U); a person who walks in hills: hillwalker
We're planning to go hillwalking this weekend.

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