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1 different kinds of building
2 the location of a building
3 parts of a building
4 looking at a building
5 the condition of a building
making a building

1 different kinds of building
- a place like a house, church or school, that has a roof and walls: building
There are a lot of new buildings in this street. Our company occupies the top two floors of the building.
- a building that is made for people to live in: house
a house in the country a farmhouse
- a large building which is divided into several parts: block
a block of flats an office block The school has a new sports block.
- a very tall building: skyscraper
the skyscrapers of Manhattan
- having many levels: multi-storey (AmE multi-level), high-rise
a multi-storey block of flats high-rise buildings
- buildings connected with cars, trains and aeroplanes CAR, TRAIN, PLANE
- buildings connected with sport SPORT
- buildings where you can see paintings, etc ART
- buildings connected with the police and the law POLICE, LAW
- the style or design of a building or buildings: architecture (noun U); adjective: architectural
I'm studying classical architecture. a style of architecture This reminds me of the architecture of the early eighteenth century. This building has some unusual architectural features.
- a person whose job is to design buildings: architect

2 the location of a building
- the place where a building is, in relation to the area around it: situation, position, location
The hotel is in a wonderful situation, overlooking the river.
- to be in a particular place or position: stand* ※€¦, be located ※€¦, (formal) be situated ※€¦
The church stands on the side of a hill. The house is situated in the heart of the city.
- if the front of a building is opposite sth, it faces it
The school faces the fields.
- if the back of a building is opposite sth, it backs onto it
The hospital backs onto the railway line.
- if a building has a view over a particular area, it overlooks it
The house overlooks the river.
- the place where a building was, is or will be situated: site
a building site (= a place where a building is being built)
The new hospital is going to be built on the same site as the old one.
- an area that has a lot of buildings is a built-up area
You should drive more slowly through a built-up area.

3 parts of a building
- the part of a building that faces the street: front
- the part of a building that faces away from the street: back
- the part of a building that is not its front or back: side
We walked round to the side of the house.
- the inside of a building: inside, interior; adjectives: inside, interior
The inside of the house has been beautifully renovated. an inside door
- the outside of a building: outside, exterior; adjectives: outside, exterior
The satellite dishes are fixed to the outside of the building. The cathedral has a very fine exterior. The outside paintwork needs some attention.
※ more on being inside or outside PLACE
- the part of a building beneath the ground that forms its base: foundations (noun plural)
The men dug down to the foundations and finally found the leaking pipe.
- the flat surface that you walk on inside a building: floor
- the part of a building that covers the top of it: roof
a flat roof we climbed onto the roof.
- a part of a building that is separated from the rest by its own walls: room
- a solid, upright structure made of stone, brick, etc, that forms one of the sides of a building or room: wall
the wall of the house a picture on the wall
- a thing that you open or close to get into or out of a building or room: door
the front/back door the main door an automatic door a revolving door
- an opening in a wall, etc that you can see through and which lets light in: window
the upstairs/downstairs windows to clean the windows
※ more on floors, roofs, rooms, walls, doors and windows FLOOR, ROOF, ROOM, WALL/FENCE/HEDGE, DOOR, WINDOW
- the way into a public building: entrance; the way out: exit
- a long, narrow way with walls on both sides, that connects one place with another: passage
You can reach the kitchen along this passage.
- the room or passage that is just inside the front entrance to a house: hall
I left my coat in the hall.
- a long, narrow passage inside a building, with doors that open into rooms: corridor
to walk along a corridor
- an area of ground without a roof, that has buildings or walls all around it: courtyard
There was a fountain in the middle of the courtyard.
※—† levels in a building
- a level in a building: floor, storey (plural storeys)(AmE story, plural stories)
My room's on the fourth floor. We walked up to the next floor. the top floor The hotel is fourteen storeys high.
- the floor of a building at street level: ground floor (AmE first floor)
- the floor above the ground floor: first floor (AmE second floor)
- the floor of a building which is below ground level: basement
The staff have rooms in the basement. How do I get down to the basement?
- the steps that join different levels inside a building: stairs (noun plural); a set of stairs with rails at the side that you can hold on to: staircase
to walk up/down the stairs Do these stairs go to the first floor?
- a machine that is used for carrying things or people from one level of a building to another: lift (AmE elevator)
- a moving staircase, in a shop, etc: escalator
- a special staircase, usually on the outside of a building, which people can use to escape from a fire: fire escape
He managed to get out of the house down the fire escape.
※ more on stairs STAIRS

4 looking at a building
- to take a person to see the different parts of a building, etc: show* sb over/round/around sth
I was shown all over the factory. They showed us round their new house.
- to visit and look at the different parts of a building: look round/around (sth)
Having looked around, I decided that I liked the flat very much.
- to examine a building carefully in order to find out if it is in good condition: survey sth; an act of surveying sth: survey; a person whose job is to do this: surveyor
to carry out a survey According to the survey, the house needs a lot of work.

5 the condition of a building
- connected with the structure of a building: structural (adverb structurally)
The earthquake had caused a great deal of structural damage. Structurally, the building was in good condition.
- strong (used about buildings): solid (adverb solidly)
The walls had been solidly built and remained standing for hundreds of years.
- in good condition: sound
structurally sound
- if a building is not in good condition because repair work has not been done, it is in disrepair (noun U)
The place has fallen into a state of disrepair.
- no longer used and in bad condition: derelict
a derelict building
- to stop standing: fall* down, collapse
The building is badly damaged and likely to collapse.
- the parts of a building that are left when it has been badly damaged or destroyed: ruin; badly damaged: in ruins
The house was now a ruin. After the war, the city was in ruins.
- to mend an old or damaged building or part of a building: repair sth; this work: repair (often plural)
They're doing repairs on the church down the road.
- to put a building back into its previous condition: restore sth; this work: restoration (noun U)
The ceiling has been restored to the way it looked before the fire. Restoration work has begun on the castle walls.
※—† MORE ...
- a tall, narrow building or part of a building: tower
a church tower
- a tall vertical post that supports the roof of a building: pillar, column
- a structure made of two columns, joined over the top with a curve: arch
- a passage or entrance with an arch over it: archway
- a building and the land that surrounds it: (formal) premises (noun plural)
The police asked us all to leave the premises.
- buildings, equipment, etc in a public place, which people can use for some purpose: facilities (noun plural)
This town needs better sports facilities.
- (used about buildings and land when they are being bought or sold) a building and the land that surrounds it: (rather formal) property
The estate agent doesn't have any properties that would suit us just now.

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